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    You Can Get 47% Off This Eye Mask Device On Amazon Canada Right This Second

    It even has built-in speakers you can use for the ultimate ~chill~ vibes.

    Happy hump day, y'all! If you love nifty gadgets that can help you ✨chill✨, get excited — because you can get a mega discount on this eye massage device at this very moment.

    For those of us who stare at a screen all day, experience puffy eyes, or just generally want a little help relaxing, listen up. The Renpho eye mask is about to become your new favourite toy.

    a person laying down with the mask on their eyes

    Just place this thing over your eyes and sit back while it gently kneads, oscillates, and applies pressure to the area around your eyes and temples.

    a person holding the mask and remote it comes with

    It comes equipped with built-in speakers you can connect to via Bluetooth, so you can play your fave tunes and podcasts while you give your eyes a little TLC.

    a person stretching in bed while wearing the eye mask

    Reviewers say it can help ease tension headaches and even make falling asleep a little easier. The fact that it folds away is pretty sweet, too, because it makes it easy to bring on flights and long car rides.

    the massage mask on a bed

    So! If you move quickly, you can get this snazzy eye massage device at the discounted price of $59.49 (which is ✨47% off✨ its OG price of $112.99, btw).

    Because we could all use a little help relaxing sometimes.

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