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    23 Tech Gadgets And Accessories That'll Come In Handy Any Day Of The Week

    A smart coffee table, massage gun, LED car visor mirror, and more!

    1. A rechargeable LED mirror for the sun visor in your car, so you can touch up your makeup after a long drive — even in the dark. It has three light settings to play around with and sleek touch sensors that'll make it easy to turn on and off.

    an LED sun visor mirror in a car

    2. A Click And Grow smart garden that'll help you grow fresh herbs, even if you don't have a green thumb. The float on the machine's tank will signal when your plants need watering, so you won't have to think about it.

    a click and grow garden on a table outside

    3. An itty-bitty massage gun if you could use a little help kneading your muscles. It comes with four different heads that can target all kinds of knots and sore spots.

    a person using the massage gun on their shoulder

    4. An Apple remote cover that'll make your clicker look like an adorable video game controller. It'll also save it from getting damaged, which is a must if you drop or spill things on the reg.

    two apple remotes with covers on them

    5. A pair of Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 Pro that'll take your listening to the next level. They're super user-friendly, with wildly effective noise cancellation you can control by lightly pressing and holding one of the buds.

    6. A splurge-worthy smart table that's become TikTok famous thanks to its fancy futuristic features. It's equipped with charging ports, Bluetooth speakers, LED lights, and, best of all, a refrigerated drawer that you can stash couch-side beverages and snacks in (!!).

    a smart side table with a refrigerated drawer

    7. A user-friendly 4K Fire TV stick that'll allow you to switch between all of your streaming services without clicking through 100 screens. It's compatible with Alexa, which means you can even control it with your voice.

    Bianca holding a 4k fire stick in front of her tv

    8. An outlet extender with surge-protecting technology, so you won't have to worry about blowing a fuse as you power up. Reviewers say love that it supports high-speed charging, too.

    an outlet extending bar with four usb slots and six ac outlets

    9. Or a table lamp that'll double as a charging station, so you can say goodbye to your dusty old power bar and juice up your tech bed-side with this thing instead.

    a lamp charging station on a side table

    10. A noiseless Iron Man-shaped wireless mouse for anyone who identifies as a Marvel enthusiast. Reviewers say it's super quiet, smooth, and comfortable, and love that its eyes light up when they're using it.

    an iron man wireless mouse

    11. A heated compression eye mask that can ease a screen-induced headache and even help you sleep better. If all you want to do is relax your usually-strained eyeballs, reviewers say this baby will do wonders.

    a person wearing the eye massaging mask

    12. A set of LED light strips that'll serve as the backdrop for all of your future dance parties and chill seshes. They'll sync up with whatever music you're playing, too.

    13. An ultra-slim Kindle Oasis that'll help you build the virtual library of your dreams. It's glare-free and waterproof, so you can fearlessly use it while you're relaxing in the bath.

    14. A mini ring light you can clip right onto your laptop. It has adjustable brightness and temperature hue, so you can customize it to find your perfect lighting.

    ring light on a lapop

    15. A home theatre projector that'll turn your living room into a ✨cinema✨. You can connect it to your phone, laptop, and speakers via Bluetooth, so you won't have to deal with a tumbleweed of cords every time you use it.

    four people watching soccer from a projector

    16. A light-up vanity mirror that'll help you see what you're doing when you're getting ready. It comes with a detachable magnifying mirror that'll come in handy for tweezing or applying products that require a little more *finesse*.

    a light-up vanity mirror on a vanity

    17. A rechargeable lighter that'll save you from purchasing disposable ones over and over again. Now you'll be able to light up all the candles in your home without ever worrying about running out of fuel.

    a lighter next to its slim packaging on a white background

    18. A pair of smart plugs that'll save you from doing things the old-fashioned way. You can control them with your phone through a free app, so you won't even have to get up to switch on your devices.

    a person holding a phone next to the smart plug, which is circled

    19. A mini Bluetooth speaker that, according to reviewers, will deliver powerful sound despite its itty-bitty size. With 15 hours of play time per charge, you'll be able to blast your fave tunes all day long.

    a person holding a phone and a bluetooth speaker on a white background

    20. A bestselling charging port for your car that has two USB outlets, so you can plug in more than one device at a time. Reviewers love that the ports light up and say that it fits securely, so it won't pop out when you drive over bumps.

    a light-up charging port

    21. An air purifier that'll obliterate the dust and pet dander that loves to float through your apartment. It's especially handy if you have seasonal allergies — reviewers say you'll notice clearer sinuses and better breathing right away.

    an air purifier on a kitchen counter

    22. A wireless doorbell camera that'll give you a heads up when a someone comes knockin'. You can connect it to your phone with a free app and talk through the built-in speaker (now you won't have to greet your deliver person IRL).

    the doorbell camera next to a phone on a white background

    23. And finally, a pair of motion-sensor night lights that'll save you from walking into your doorway when you get up for a midnight pee. Their brightness is adjustable, so you won't blind yourself every time you walk by them.

    a motion sensor light plugged into an outlet

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