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    17 Things That'll Help You Organize All Of Your Tech Gadgets And Gizmos

    No more tripping over cables.

    1. A pack of cable labels that'll help you finally sort your mess of cords and figure out what's what the next time you need to unplug something. They snap open and closed with Velcro, so you can take them off easily and re-use them.

    2. A streaming device mount that'll keep your media boxes out of the way if you don't have a console table. It'll also make it easier to aim your remote at your Roku or Apple TV since it won't be tucked away.

    3. A vertical laptop stand that'll help clear off some space on your desk while keeping all your devices in one place. The slots are adjustable, so you can even fit your thicker laptop or one with a case on it.

    the stand with a laptop and a tablet in it

    4. A printer shelf that'll give you a place to store your machine and some extra paper. It's stackable, so you could always get two if you have a copier or scanner, too.

    the printer on the shelf with paper underneath

    5. A rotating tower power bar with a mix of USB outlets and three-prong plugs that can charge up to 12 devices at once. It'll also save space thanks to its vertical design.

    the tower power bar on a table

    6. A set of cord clips that'll organize that mess of cables that have taken over your floor. They'll help save you from the frustrating task of untangling all your chargers just to accidentally unplug the one you need.

    The cord clip is attached to May's desk and keeps her cords organized

    7. A cable cover that'll hide all of those unsightly power bars that stress you out way more than they should. The slotted box will help ventilate any heat, plus it’ll prevent your curious pets from fiddling with the outlets.

    the cords in the box before and after

    8. And a set of cable shields that'll blend right in with your baseboards. They have convenient peel-and-stick backings and are paintable, so they'll blend right in.

    a before and after of a wall with cables

    9. A charging station that'll keep all your devices organized and your desk free from cables. It'll also help you find all of your gadgets, since they'll all be docked in one place.

    a pair of airpods and a watch in the charger

    10. An electronics case so you can sort out all of your random cables and gadgets and take them on the go. Since the compartments and pockets are padded, you won't have to worry about your gear getting bashed around.

    the case filled with electronics

    11. A MacBook adapter that'll sit flush with your laptop, if you just want one less cable in your life. It'll help you connect all your devices and SD cards and can display 4K resolution through the HDMI port.

    the adapter attached to a MacBook with usb cords next to it

    12. A pair of hooks for your gaming controllers that'll clear up some space on your coffee table. They have adhesive strips on the back so you won't need to do any drilling to install them.

    Two hooks on a wall, one with a controller on it

    13. And a headphone stand that you can clip onto any desk or shelf to keep your headset within reach. If your headphones are wired, there's even a teeny cable clip on the back, so they won't be left hanging.

    14. An acrylic monitor riser with four handy USB ports to keep your devices charged without the clutter. It'll also help create a space to store your keyboard and give you a better viewing angle.

    The monitor stand with devices plugged into its side

    15. A remote holder that'll keep your coffee table clear while giving all your controllers a place to live. It comes with a rotating base, so you can easily reach everything when you need to rewind that dramatic Real Housewives moment.

    the stand next to a computer monitor

    16. An Echo Dot holder that'll keep your friendly voice assistant off the counter or floor. It also has a slot for you to wrap the cord around and keep it out of sight.

    A before image of a small round Echo Dot speaker on a kitchen counter with its long cord and an after image of the speaker in a small base and plugged into the wall with the no cords showing

    17. And lastly, a tech backpack that's perfect for bringing to school or work because it has a laptop pocket and outlets that you can connect to a portable charging bank. It's also water-resistant, has a combination lock, and a trolley sleeve, so you can slide it on your carry-on suitcase for travel.

    person standing outside with the backpack on

    You before all these items came into your life:

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