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    25 Things From Amazon Canada That Are Just So Gosh Darn Pretty

    We love an aesthetically-pleasing product!

    1. A roll of peel-and-stick wallpaper that'll give your space the accent wall it deserves. You can also use it to ~zhuzh~ up any old furniture that's starting to look a little tired.

    2. This vibrant PopSockets grip that'll help you hold your phone (and make it look cuter, too). You can also use it as a mini stand to prop up your device, so you won't have to lean it up against miscellaneous items when you don't feel like holding it.

    Brittany holding her iPhone 12 with the lemon-patterned popsocket

    3. An adhesive-free roll of decorative window film that'll make your windows sparkle and twinkle. It'll also lend you a little extra privacy, especially if you have a bathroom window that faces directly into your neighbour's kitchen.

    the adhesive window film on a set of windowed doors

    4. This adorable AirPods case that'll protect your buds in style. It has a little slit in the bottom, so you can charge 'em up without taking the case off.

    a person holding the floral airpods case

    5. This macrame hanging shelf that'll keep your finest trinkets from eating up all of the space on your coffee table. You could also hang it near a window and use it to display your favourite plants.

    A hanging shelf decorated with macrame with a vase of flowers sitting on it

    6. A jewellery stand that'll save your long necklaces from getting tangled up in your jewellery box. You can also drape your face masks off of it, which would really come in handy if you wash yours by hand and hang them to dry after each wear.

    a jewelry stand with face masks hanging off of it

    7. A set of stickers that are floral themed, just in time for spring. You can put 'em on your laptop, phone case, bike frame, or even use them in your bullet journal.

    floral stickers in a pile

    8. A vacuum-insulated water bottle that is so stylish, you won't ever forget to bring it with you. It's totally leakproof, and will keep your water icy even on a sweltering day.

    The shiny waterbottle on the edge of a pool

    9. This sleek umbrella stand that'll save you from hunting around the house for your parasols. Reviewers love how stylish, practical, and compact it is.

    The umbrella stand with a large umbrella and a small portable one sitting inside

    10. A trio of diamond-shaped mirrors that'll open up any space you put 'em in. If you love a minimalist aesthetic, this clean-cut set will look fab in your apartment.

    three diamond shaped mirrors hanging from dainty chains on a wall

    11. A string of outdoor lights that'll turn your yard into a rustic hangout space. Reviewers love that they emit a soft, warm glow, rather than being super bright and harsh.

    warm, glowing lights on a string in an outdoor space

    12. A set of citronella candles that'll keep those pesky mosquitoes at bay. They have lids, so you can easily pop one in your bag to bring with you on your next park hang.

    The jarred citronella candles

    13. This adorable floating shelf that'll turn your toilet paper rolls into home decor. It'll particularly come in handy if you don't have a ton of cupboard space to stash your rolls in.

    14. A set of sheer curtains that'll let the sunlight shine whimsically into your apartment. The trailing pattern will bring a hint of florals into your space, which will work perfectly over spring and summer.

    A set of sheer curtains on a bright window with small flowers patterned on them

    15. A set of heat-resitant kitchen utensils that'll stack oh-so neatly on your countertop (and save your drawers from getting jammed up). They're magnetic, so you won't have to worry about them toppling over.

    The kitchen utensils stacked neatly on a counter

    16. A set of hair clips that'll let you experiment with your style and mix up your usual 'do. Their hefty size makes them great for pinning back voluminous tresses that don't love to be tamed.

    20 hair clips of various shapes and styles

    17. A full-length mirror that doubles as an armoire, so you can declutter your nightstand and vanity of makeup, toiletries, and jewellery. It locks, so you can stash your prettiest treasures inside to keep 'em extra safe.

    18. A whimsical wall tapestry that'll turn your bedroom into a spring oasis, without the work (or the price tag) that comes along with painting.

    A floral wall tapestry in a dreamy bedroom

    19. A set of iridescent flutes that'll give your bar cart a luxurious upgrade — and make any drink you mix up a little classier.

    three iridescent stemless flutes

    20. This three-piece duvet cover set, because sometimes new bedding is all you need to give your room a refresh. The cover has a zipper, so you won't spend half an hour fumbling with buttons every time you take it off to wash it.

    Floral bedding on a cozy bed

    21. A set of ultra-cute bookmarks that'll save you from bending the pages of your current read. They're magnetic, so they won't slip out and make you lose your spot (like regular ol' bookmarks often do).

    22. A trio of flowy scarf scrunchies that'll make you feel like a vintage queen. The scarves are detachable, so you can use the scrunchies by themselves, too.

    Three floral scrunchies with matching handkerchiefs attached to each

    23. A vibrant bullet journal that'll help you keep track of everything the old-fashioned way. It's gridded with dots to help you create graphs and symmetrical outlines, so you can keep an eye on your progress.

    Two vibrant journals on a desk

    24. A shower curtain that'll basically give your bathroom a makeover. It comes equipped with hooks (woo!), so you won't have to buy 'em separately.

    A shower curtain with big tropical leaves printed onto it

    25. A metal plant hanger that'll brighten up your home decor, without taking up precious space on your coffee table or WFH desk.

    a plant inside of the hanging metal planter

    Me, staring at everything in this list like:

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