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    If You Suck At Planning, These 18 Things Will Help You Get Organized

    Because sometimes I don't even know what day it is.

    1. A 2021 agenda for when it hasn't been your day, your week, your month... etc. If your time management skills are minimal to non-existent (like mine are!), a simple planner can really help.

    The agenda next to a keyboard, watch, and person holding a cup of coffee

    2. A pair of dry-erase calendars that'll help you keep track of your day-to-day deadlines. You’ll get two calendars: one for the whole month and one for your week, which will help you remember important dates before it's too late.

    A person admiring their two fridge calendars while holding a dry-erase marker

    3. A Tile Pro Bluetooth tracker, if you never plan on misplacing your keys, phone, wallet, or whatever else you tend to lose. You can connect it to a free app that'll help you find your lost item, even when your Bluetooth is out of reach.

    A tile pro on a keychain with keys

    4. A handheld clothes steamer that'll zap the wrinkles out of your clothes in a jiffy. If you rarely plan your outfits ahead of time, this baby will straighten out that blouse you inevitably forgot to iron.

    A person holding the handheld steamer while it blows out steam

    5. A meal tracker for your dog that'll help you make sure you don't feed over or underfeed your lil' buddy. Plus, you can say goodbye to texting (or hollering across the house) to find out if your partner already did the deed.

    The tracker with days of the week and AM and PM ticks you can switch off beside each day

    6. And this dog food subscription service, so you won't have to plan your grocery shopping days around your pup's appetite. It'll ask you a bunch of questions about your dog before you subscribe to make sure you get the right chow.

    A person showing their dog the dog food that came out of a Kabo subscription box

    7. A budget planner that'll help you figure out how many times you can order takeout this month. It has detailed sections to fill in for saving, paying off debt, and annual spending, so you can finally get a handle on your spending.

    8. This ultra-quiet robotic vacuum that'll clean your floors, because you can’t ever seem to find the time to do it yourself. When it's low on power, this thing will automatically return to its dock to recharge itself.

    A robotic vacuum cleaning up a mess beside a person lounging on a couch

    9. A trio of produce containers that'll extend the life of your fruits and veggies, if you're a little less than diligent about meal planning. Reviewers say their greens were still crisp even after ten days of being in one of these containers.

    10. Or a HelloFresh subscription, if you need a little help planning out your groceries in general. Just pick the meal plan that suits you best, and each week HelloFresh will send you a box filled with fresh ingredients and fun new recipes, delivered right to your door.

    a hello fresh box with food insid

    11. A meditation journal that'll remind you to take a breath and chill out for a sec. It's packed with mindfulness exercises and reflection prompts, so you can start balancing out your stress levels.

    12. A weekly pill organizer that'll save you from busting out a billion pill containers every single day for every single dose. Each individual container is divided in two, so you can separate your a.m. doses from your p.m. ones.

    A person holding one of the pill containers in front of the whole pill storage box

    13. This 3-in-1 charging station that'll make it a heck of a lot easier to make sure all of your devices are charged up when you wake up in the morning.

    A phone, airpods case, and apple watch charging together on the charging platform

    14. A vibrant bullet journal that'll help you start your day by tracking your goals. It's gridded with dots to help you create graphs and symmetrical outlines, so you can keep an eye on your progress.

    Two vibrant journals on a desk

    15. A set of glass food storage containers that'll make meal prepping a breeze. You can also bring them with you when you plan on getting takeout, to avoid plastic containers you would otherwise have to throw away.

    The tupperware in a kitchen filled with various foods

    16. A motivational calendar pad that'll help you see the bigger picture during hectic months. It's undated, so you can use it in July, take a three-month hiatus, and come back to it when you need it again (without having wasted any unused pages).

    The calendar pad with a pen and notes on it

    17. This self-discovery journal that'll provide you with an introspective question every day for a year. Reviewers say it's a great way to reflect — especially if you're someone who rarely schedules time in for yourself.

    The cover of the self-discovery journal

    18. And finally, this online planning course, if you're trying to figure out how the heck to create a schedule and achieve your goals. It'll guide you through a series of questions that'll help you plan out a bunch of stuff, including social, financial, and health aspirations.

    a person reading a book on a table next to several glasses

    Me, realizing I need all of these things myself:

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