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    19 Home Improvement Products From Amazon Canada That'll Upgrade Your Space

    Did I mention they're all under $50?

    1. A pack of waterproof peel-and-stick tiles that'll give your floors an instant upgrade. They're great for anyone who rents a place and realistically won't be shelling out the big bucks to fully retile.

    A wooden credenza on a funky patterned tiled floor

    2. A set of cupboard knobs, if your cabinets and drawers could use a little love. Reviewers say they are solid and not hollow or flimsy like some handle replacements tend to be.

    A set of kitchen cabinets with the knobs on them

    3. A trio of light switch panels, if your current ones are looking a little shabby. Just make sure to install them after you've done any painting.

    A shiny new light switch panel on a wall

    4. A rainfall shower head that'll give you the bouji shower experience you've always wanted. Reviewers say it's a cinch to install and that it has transformed their dingy showers into a bathing oasis.

    The rainfall shower head in a shower with the water running

    5. A roll of peel-and-stick wallpaper that'll give your space the accent wall it deserves. You can also use it to ~zhuzh~ up any old furniture that's starting to look a little tired.

    The line-patterned wallpaper on a wall next to a door and a large plant

    6. An exterior wall sconce that'll elevate the ~lewk~ of your front entrance. You could also install it on a wall by your balcony, if you tend to spend most of your time out there and need some lighting improvements.

    An exterior light sconce on a wall with for glass panels surrounding a light bulb

    7. A pair of floating shelves that'll help you organize your stuff. One shelf even comes with a towel hanger, which will come in handy if you have minimal space in your bathroom or kitchen.

    The pair of floating shelves mounted on a wall in a laundry room

    8. A tub of chalk paint and a can of protective topcoat that'll help you refurbish that old set of drawers. The topcoat will enhance the longevity of your paint job, and prevent knicks and chips, too.

    9. A set of giant floral wall decals that'll brighten up whatever space you put them in. And taking photos in front of 'em? 10/10.

    big flower stickers on a wall above a couch

    10. A string of outdoor lights that'll turn your yard into a rustic hangout space. Reviewers love that they emit a soft, warm glow, rather than being super bright and harsh.

    The stringed lights hanging in a backyard

    11. An adhesive-free roll of decorative window film that'll make your windows twinkle and shine. It'll also lend you a little extra privacy, especially if you have a bathroom window that faces directly into your neighbour's kitchen.

    the adhesive window film on a set of windowed doors

    12. A pair of wood shelves you can use to display your favourite plants and finest knickknacks. They'll also help you keep your coffee table and side tables clear of clutter by sharing some of the load.

    two diamond-shaped shelves with plants sitting on each in a living room

    13. This magnetic knife bar that'll prevent your cutlery drawer from overflowing with sharp blades (no thanks). It'll also keep your countertop free of a knife block, for those of you who need the extra prep space.

    Knives hanging off of the magnetic bar

    14. A teeny-tiny bike storage rack that'll tuck your ride away, as well as free up some floor space. With one clip per bike, installation is wildly minimal — just mount it onto a wall and pop the front wheel in.

    15. A set of mountable vases that'll turn your walls into a gosh-darned jungle. You can use them for water plants, air plants, or to keep freshly cut flowers in.

    four vases with plants and water in each, mounted on a wall

    16. A painting stencil that'll help you create flawless designs on your walls, floors, and furniture. Reviewers love that it's slightly pliable, so they can move and adjust it as they get close to tricky areas like corners or cupboard edges.

    The geometric stencil pattern

    17. A wood repair kit that'll erase those knicks and scratches off of your coffee table and dining room chairs. Your entire apartment (and your wallet) can benefit from the refresh these babies can deliver.

    Someone holding one of the markers over top of a scratch on a wooden surface

    18. A hanging shelf that'll give you extra space for pantry items, right on the side of your fridge. It's the perfect solution if you only have, like, two cupboards (and don't have any serious reno plans in the works).

    The shelf filled with pantry items along the side of a fridge in a kitchen

    19. And finally, a tube of patching primer that'll help you fix up unsightly nail holes. The tube itself has everything you need to do so, with a built-in spatula and a sanding lid, too — so you won't have to go out and purchase the entire hardware store.

    Because I'm basically obsessed with fixing up my space.

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