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    18 Little Luxuries From Etsy That Made Me Say, "Dang, That's Cute"

    I want all of them.

    1. A ceramic vase that'll give your space a bold pop of colour. Whether you fill it with flowers or leave it as is, it'll bring some serious style to your window sill, mantle, or even your bedside table.

    Three ceramic vases of varying shapes and colours

    2. This super cute ring that'll look stellar among the other shiny bands stacked on your digits. It's handmade and engraved with a subtle floral design (we love a good detailing!).

    A shiny ring with wild flowers engraved on its face

    3. This adorable glass origami boat that'll make you nostalgic for a simpler time in your life. You can use this versatile piece as a unique jewellery tray, planter, or on your desk to keep any rogue bits and bobs organized.

    A glass origami boat on a desk with flowers in it

    4. A pressed flower art piece that'll give your home some beautiful botanicals that won't need to be watered or taken care of. Cottagecore never looked so charming.

    three framed pressed flower pieces in front of a sunny window

    5. A pair of asymmetrical earrings that'll dangle artfully off of your lobes. They're made of leather and handpainted by the artist, inspired by patterns of traditional Japanese textiles.

    A pair of asymmetrical earrings against a funky backdrop

    6. This embossing rolling pin that'll take your baking to the next level. If you've ever been intrigued by pastry detailing, this baby will provide you with intricate patterns with just a single roll.

    A rolling pin engraved with patterns for detailed pastry work

    7. A macrame plant holder that'll turn a plain room into a viridescent oasis. Whether you've got trailing ivy, succulents, or orchids, it will securely cradle your three favourite plants, whatever they might be.

    three plants hanging in a macrame wall hanging

    8. A handmade scrunchie that has a zip-up pocket (!!!). It’s perfect for days when you’re not wearing anything with pockets — you can still stash your keys or lip balm for easy access.

    14 scrunchies of varying colours with zip-up pockets on each

    9. A pair of ear-hugging hoops that'll be an absolute dream for anyone who likes to stack their earrings. The clasps are easy to secure, and their design is simple enough to go well with your other jewelry.

    Brittany wearing earrings with an arrow pointing to the etsy hoops

    10. This intricate orchid illustration that'll let you display PEI's provincial flower, the lady's slipper. Reviewers love how detailed this artist's work is and say it makes a perfect gift, too.

    The black and white print of Lindsey Ross's illustration that displays PEI's provincial flower, the lady's slipper

    11. A decorative coaster that'll prevent ring stains on your nightstand. Each one is handcrafted and unique, as well as heat resistant, so it won’t crack when you set a piping hot cup of tea down.

    Four circular coasters

    12. A charming bust vase that'll give your vanity an extra air of ~class~. You can use it for flowers, makeup brushes, art supplies, or whatever else tends to clutter up your desk.

    two bust vases on a table with flower arrangements in each

    13. A necklace with your very own birth flower hand stamped onto the pendant. Reviewers rave about the quality of the necklace and say the charming packaging it comes in makes it a perfect gift to give someone special, too.

    14. A set of ceramic knobs that'll instantly upgrade your old dresser drawers. You can use them on your bathroom or kitchen cupboards, too.

    Two elegant ceramic cupboard knobs

    15. A minimalist ring you can stack with other bands or wear on its own. You can personalize it by getting the letter of your first name engraved onto it, and you can even specify if you'd like it in upper or lower case.

    A person wearing three rings, two of which have letters on them

    16. A macrame essential oil charm that'll make your room smell divine (and look cute doing it, too). Just dab your fave essential oils onto the wooden bead and hang it by your bed for a little aromatherapy.

    five rainbow macrame charms with a wooden bead on each

    17. A set of squiggly candles that'll probably look cooler than your average tapers. Each one is handmade, unscented, and will burn for about five hours.

    four squiggly candles in a gradient of the same shade

    18. And finally, a stunning coin necklace that'll make you sing "my neck is flossin'" over and over again. Reviewers love that the chain is dainty, but strong and say that it isn't irritating to their skin whatsoever.

    A person wearing the coin necklace layered with a chain lined choker

    Me, gazing at everything on this list like:

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