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    21 Funky Things You'll Love If "Groovy" Is Your Current Aesthetic

    Forever in love with that '70s vibe.

    1. A pair of '70s-inspired earrings that'll dangle artfully on your lobes. They're made by hand with polymer clay, with a textured design for added detailing.

    three pairs of bold, horseshoe-shaped earrings on a jewellery stand

    2. This wall tapestry that'll bring a little sunshine into your space. It comes with mounting materials, so you won't need to buy extra stuff in order to hang it up.

    a tapestry hung on a wall with a sun and rays painted onto it

    3. This cropped puff-sleeve blouse that'll drape and pucker in all the right places. It gives me all of the summer evening dance party veebs — and tbh, that's all I'm really looking for right now.

    a person wearing the puff-sleeve floral blouse with denim shorts

    4. This vibrant iPhone case that'll protect your phone in style. It has a solid back and flexible sides, which will make it super easy to pop on and off when needed.

    a person holding a bright, floral phone case over grass

    5. A roll of patterned wallpaper that'll give your space the funky accent wall it deserves. You can also use it to ~zhuzh~ up any old furniture that's starting to look a little tired.

    a rounded diamond pattern wallpaper on a wall in a vintage room

    6. A pair of roller skates, because you've seen how ~groovy~ everyone on TikTok looks when they glide around effortlessly. These babies even light up, so you'll look just as rad as your funky kid neighbours.

    One of the roller skates with light up wheels and a break on the front

    7. A set of twist-flex rods, if you've always dreamt of rocking perfect ringlets. You can use them without heat, which you'll love if you're trying to minimize any damage to your locks.

    8. A pair of flare pants with hundreds of little daisies printed on 'em that'll truly let you embrace a '70s vibe. They're high rise with an elasticized waist that'll hug your curves in all the right ways.

    a pair of pants that flare toward the bottom with daisies patterned all over

    9. This floral clock that'll make your space more vibrant, and maybe even stop you from grabbing your phone every time you want to know what time it is.

    a clock with a floral background

    10. A pair of heart-shaped sunglasses that'll make you look groovy as heck while you wear 'em. Sangria on a picnic blanket in these babies? Yes, please.

    a person wearing heart-shaped sun glasses

    11. This pair of high-waisted pants that'll summon up that main character energy like nothing else in your wardrobe. They're truly shining, shimmering, and splendid.

    a person wearing a pair of wide legged metallic pants

    12. A psychedelic poster that'll transform that blank wall you've been meaning to decorate. It's perfect for anyone who enjoys vibrant colours and abstract patterns.

    a wavy, colourful poster over top of a desk on a brick wall

    13. A cropped blouse that'll make you feel cute as heck while you bop around town in the glorious sunshine. It ties around your waist at the back for a perfect fit.

    14. This fun and funky rug that'll welcome some serious ~groove~ into your apartment. You could even use it in your bathroom as a psychedelic bathmat, too.

    a wavy design on a small rug

    15. This retro bed set with tufted geometric shapes that are inspired by classic '70s decor. Because sometimes, new bedding is all you need to give your room a refresh.

    a textured duvet cover set on a comfy bed

    16. A pair of flared leggings that'll feel like second skin. Comfy and cute? Please and thanks.

    a person wearing flared pattern leggings with platform sandals and a knitted tank

    17. A pair of daisy earrings you can wear whenever you need to conjure up a little flower power. They're handmade in Canada, and the artist will even give you the choice of what backing you'd prefer.

    a person holding a psychedelic flower earring

    18. A set of press-on nails that'll make you feel like you just left the salon. It comes with all the tools you'll need for the perfect manicure, so you won't need to add any extra accessories to your cart.

    a set of press-on gel nails

    19. A colourful face mask that'll brighten up your ~smize~ with fun and fresh florals. It has three layers, a nose wire, adjustable straps, and is made with 100% cotton.

    a mask made with a floral-pattern fabric

    20. A pair of dangly flower earrings that'll make any outfit a little funkier. They're handmade and next-level cute — you could even complement 'em with some matching vibrant eyeshadow, too.

    a person holding a pair of dangly floral earrings

    21. And finally, a bucket hat, because what is summer without one? Its retro rainbow pattern throws back to a groovy '70s feel that I'm truly obsessed with rn.

    a person wearing a bucket hat with a vintage rainbow pattern across the middle of the hat

    Groovin' with all of the funky stuff in your cart like:

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