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    28 Valentine’s Day Gifts From Amazon Canada That'll Actually Arrive On Time

    We stan a speedy delivery.

    1. This scratch-off movie bucket list that'll give you 100 films to work through together. It's full of hits, from The Goonies to Pulp Fiction, which will give them (and you) enough variety to satisfy their taste.

    The scratch-off movie poster showing 100 different movies that have been scratched off

    2. A paint by numbers kit that'll give them something to work on, and eventually, new decor to put up. Reviewers love that it's not overly complicated, but still challenging enough to entertain them for a day or two.

    The paint by numbers finished product of a canoe sitting in a serene lake

    3. An Instax camera, so the two of you can have a romantic photoshoot to commemorate your steamy Valentine's Day at home. Clothing? Optional.

    A person using the camera

    4. A copy of Unstable Unicorns that'll turn date night into games night. It's a strategic card game that reviewers say has enough substance to it that it can be replayed multiple times, without feeling like you're playing the same game over and over again.

    The box of Unstable Unicorns on a table

    5. Or this magical twist on Trivial Pursuit that'll determine which one of you is the bigger Harry Potter fan. It's jam-packed with 600 questions, but is small enough to toss in your bag.

    6. A hot water bottle that'll help ease their aches, and pains and keep 'em toasty. It comes with a cozy cover that'll prevent them from scorching themselves, too.

    A person cuddled up to the hot water bottle

    7. A home theatre projector that'll turn their living room into a cinema. Now y'all can throw on their favourite film, make some popcorn, and snuggle up in front of the 100-inch (!!!) screen that it comes with.

    A projector that is turned on

    8. A breakfrast sandwich maker that'll fry up all of their delicious ingredients at the same time. Say goodbye to using a billion pans and hello to not one, but two perfect sammies in under five minutes.

    A person making a breakfast sandwich in the breakfast sandwich maker

    9. And a bamboo tray, so you can bring them breakfast in bed (without the fear of messing up their duvet). They can also use it for their laptop to work comfortably from their couch from time to time!

    The tray with food and orange juice on it sitting on a bed

    10. A metallic jewelry stand that'll let them admire all the jewelry you've given them over the years. It'll save those long chains from getting tangled up in their overflowing jewelry box, and it'll look charming on their bedside table.

    The three-tiered jewelry stand on a dresser

    11. A collection of poems by Margaret Atwood, because what's more romantic than a book of thoughtful poetry? Reviewers say it's poignant and playful, and that both new and seasoned Atwood fans are sure to enjoy it.

    The cover of Margaret Atwood's collection of poems titled Dearly

    12. Some Apple AirPods Pro, because you're at the point in your relationship where you can happily lay in bed together and watch separate shows.

    A person wearing the airpods

    13. A trio of glass terrariums that'll turn their walls into a gosh-darned jungle. They can use them for water plants, air plants, or even just as vases to keep freshly cut flowers in.

    Three glass bulbs mounted on a wall filled with water and flowers

    14. A pumpkin spice-scented candle that'll transform their bedroom into an autumn oasis, because you know they can't wait until October for another whiff of their beloved PSLs.

    The birthday cake scented candle lit on a low table

    15. A colourful dog puzzle that'll give you an activity to do together over a few glasses of wine. It's 1,000 pieces, so be prepared to spend a couple of hours working on it!

    The 1,000 piece puzzle of an illustrated dog's face

    16. An air fryer that'll encourage them to try out some new dishes, and save them from covering their kitchen in oil splatters when they're whipping up fries or battered Oreos.

    Two people cooking next to the air fryer

    17. A heated deep tissue massager that'll knead their neck and shoulders when you're too sleepy to do it for them. Reviewers rave about how it helps relieve migraines and say it soothes their ultra-tense traps like nothing else.

    A person using the vest with their arms in the little arm slings

    18. A Friends activity book that'll let them indulge in word games and quizzes about Monica Gellar and the gang, because you know how obsessed they are.

    The cover of the Friends activity book

    19. A bath tray that'll keep their wine and phone handy while they bask in Epsom salts. It has grooves and slots to help keep their things from sliding around and extendable arms that'll fit on most bathtubs.

    A person lounging in a bubble bath while watching something on a tablet that is sitting on the bathtub tray

    20. An ultra-quiet robotic vacuum that'll clean their floors, so they (or you) won't have to. When it's low on power, it'll automatically return to its dock to recharge itself. Welcome to the future.

    A robotic vacuum cleaning up a mess beside a person lounging on a couch

    21. An insulated thermos that y'all can bring along on chilly hikes and other outdoor adventures. This thing is big, so you'll definitely be able to share!

    A person holding the large Stanely thermos

    22. A cocktail set that'll inspire both of you to step away from your usual late-night beverage and ~mix it up.~ The wooden box it comes in can be hung and used as a shelf to keep everything organized, too!

    The cocktail set hung above a bar

    23. This genius dual-zone comforter, if y'all still can't agree on the perfect temperature for snoozing. Say goodbye to the idea of ever crawling into bed with separate blankets, forever!

    A comforter with a warm and cool side

    24. A galaxy light projector that'll bless them with the ambient lighting of their literal dreams. It has a built-in Bluetooth speaker that'll sync its light show with the beat of whatever music they're playing.

    The galaxy light projecting a twinkling pattern onto the ceiling of a living room

    25. A weighted blanket that'll help them chill the heck out and get some sleep. It'll make them feel like they're being swaddled in a giant hug, which will instantly calm them down.

    A person swaddled under a weighted blanket

    26. An essential oil diffuser that'll help them find their inner zen. It'll revitalize the air around them for up to seven hours and let them explore the benefits of aromatherapy with scented oils.

    The air diffuser on a desk in a bright room glowing a soft orange colour while shooting mist out of the top

    27. A Kindle Paperwhite, so they can finally start on their New Year's resolution of reading more books in 2021.

    A Kindle Paperwhite on a cozy knit blanket

    28. And finally, a well-crafted chef's knife that'll impress them, no matter how particular they might be when it comes to cooking. Reviewers love that it's practical, beautiful, and super easy to wield.

    A knife on a cutting board next to a lime, steak, and rosemary

    They'll be so stoked, they won't even realize you scrambled to get them something last minute.

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