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    24 Things Under $30 That'll Help You Organize Your Space

    Cheers to being more tidy, without destroying your wallet.

    1. A pack of pre-printed labels that'll give your spice jars a ~rustic~ upgrade. You'll get an assortment of 184 (!!) spice and herb names, plus eight blank sheets if somehow you've got a rare ingredient you want to label that isn't included.

    the cute labels on spice jars

    2. A spray bottle hanger that'll keep your laundry room and bathroom counter free of rogue bottles. You could also stick it to the inside of a cupboard door to optimize your storage space.

    A spray bottle hanging securely from the spray bottle hanger

    3. A milk bag organizer that'll save you from maneuvering all the contents of your fridge every time you buy more. It has a slot at the bottom that'll dispense a new bag, so you won't have to dig into the top to reach the last one.

    The milk bag dispensing organizer in a fridge beside a jar of green beans

    4. A double-sided nail polish case that'll store all of your beloved pigments. It'll keep them upright, too, which will save you from an accidental leak.

    The transparent nail polish case

    5. This magnetic knife bar that'll prevent your cutlery drawer from overflowing with sharp blades (no thanks). It'll also keep your countertop free of a knife block, for those of you who need the extra prep space.

    Knives hanging off of the magnetic bar

    6. This magnetic stand that'll keep your Dyson and all of its accessories tidy and on display. Its brackets are padded with silicone, ensuring that your beloved hairdryer won't get damaged.

    A dyson hairdryer and two dryer attachments sitting in the dyson holder

    7. A pair of shelf dividers that'll help you achieve the Marie Kondo closet of your dreams. You can also use them to hang things like ties, scarves, and other delicate pieces of clothing.

    8. A pair of pan racks that'll save you from stacking your skillets and scratching them. You can also use them to hold your pot lids and cutting boards to keep your cupboards in order.

    9. This rotating caddy that'll keep your fave beauty products spick and span, and free up some space on your bathroom counter. You can also use it in your kitchen to organize all of those spices and baking ingredients you have stashed in a cupboard.

    The rotating caddy filled with beauty products

    10. This cute jewellery stand that'll let you admire your favourite necklaces, even when you aren't wearing them. It'll save those long chains from getting tangled up in your overflowing jewellery box and look charming on your vanity, too.

    The jewelry stand on a minimalist vanity with necklaces hanging off of it

    11. This rolling basket that you can use to stow extra pillows and sheets under your bed. You can also use it under your sofa to stash game consoles, remotes, and throw blankets.

    The wheeled basket with pillows and blankets under a bed

    12. A trio of hanging wall pockets that'll help you tidy up the random baubles and knickknacks you have lying around. They're perfect for tiny apartments, especially if you don't have room for a bunch of shelves.

    the before image of cluttered stationery laid out on a desk beside the after image of everything tucked away into the wall storage pocket

    13. A cutlery tray that'll keep your utensils exactly where you need them to be. It'll take up less space than a typical tray, since each row is stacked.

    The cutlery organizer in a drawer

    14. A cable management box that'll tame that tangled mess of cords beside your desk. It'll prevent dust from building up in the sockets and preserve the life of your power bars and chargers.

    The cord management box on a desk

    15. A cabinet door basket you can use to stash your cleaning supplies or bulky cooking utensils in. You can also use it in your bathroom, so you'll have somewhere to keep your ever-growing colletion of hair tools.

    a basket hanging off of a cabinet with cleaning supplies in it

    16. A pair of dividers that'll help you see the contents of your drawers in a single glance. It'll also encourage you to fold your clothes and save future you from a cluster of wrinkled T-shirts.

    Neat and tidy drawers

    17. A kitchen sink caddy that'll give your sponges a place to live. It comes with a small rack, so you can finally get your wet cloths off of your faucet.

    The caddy with a cloth hanging over it above a sponge and scrub on a counter

    18. A stylish jewellery tray that'll give you a designated spot to leave your glasses and rings before you climb into bed. It'll declutter your nightstand and add a hint of chic to your bedroom's decor.

    The tray on a bedside table holding a tube of hand cream and glasses

    19. A handy lid separator that'll save you from rummaging through cupboards and drawers to find the right one. Reviewers say this thing gave their kitchen functionality an instant upgrade (and turned their food storage container drawer into less of a disaster).

    The lid separator with lids in each slot

    20. A pair of vacuum-seal storage bags that'll help you stow your bulky off-season clothes and extra bedding more compactly. You can also use them to make more room in your pack, if you plan on doing any camping this summer.

    a space saving vacuum sealed bag with clothes compressed inside, surrounded by folded clothing

    21. A felt bedside caddy that'll clear some space off of your crowded nightstand (or replace your nightstand altogether, if you're itching for a little more floor space).

    Someone slipping their mac book into the bedside caddy

    22. A pack of cable holders that'll keep your workspace satisfyingly organized. Each holder comes with four wire slots and an adhesive sticker for easy installment.

    Three cable holders on a desk with wires running through one of them, next to a laptop and a phone

    23. This sparkly crystal cup that'll store those makeup brushes or pens you have lying all over the place. It'll look great on a vanity, or even on your windowsill as a shiny new home for your fave succulent.

    A jar lined with square crystals with makeup brushes poking out of it

    24. And finally, a door hanger that'll keep your bags, cardigans, and day-to-day accessories organized and in reach. You can use it in your bathroom for hanging towels, too.

    The door hanger on a door with a scarf, purse, and jacket hanging off of it

    Congrats on being less of a slob!

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