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    33 Helpful Home Products From Amazon Canada You'll Use All The Time

    Unless you *don't* want to make your life easier, you'll love these.

    1. A retractable drying rack you can use to air out your laundry. It's perfect for more delicate garments that shouldn't go in the dryer, or for things that tend to wrinkle if they aren't hung up right away.

    clothings hanging off the retractable drying rack

    2. A pair of bestselling glass jars that'll help you keep your itty-bitty stuff from getting lost in the fray. They'll look a little cuter lining your countertop than clunky product packaging and will make your space look more ✨organized✨.

    two glass jars with bamboo lids with cotton balls in one and cotton swabs in the other

    3. A silicone splatter screen that'll prevent oil splashes when you're frying up something delicious. You can also use it as a strainer, trivet, and even as a pizza pan.

    a person holding a splatter cover over a pan

    4. A set of stylish storage crates you can stash toiletries, art supplies, and other miscellaneous bits and bobs in. They fold down, which means they can be tucked away when you're not using 'em.

    colourful crates on a shelf

    5. A multipurpose broom that'll help extract all of that gnarly pet hair that's embedded *deep* within your rugs. It has a squeegee edge you can use to wash your shower, windows, and windshield, too.

    6. An Umbra dish rack that'll keep your plates in a row while they dry off. It comes with several compartments, including an area for stemware so your finest wine glasses can dry in a safe place.

    a dish drying rack with several compartments

    7. A corner shelf that'll help you make use of all the wasted nooks in your home. It's perfect for decor items and sentimental trinkets you'd like to put on display.

    a corner shelf with various items on it

    8. A double hamper you can use to sort your darks from your lights, so you won't have to separate them on laundry day. It comes with two removable liners that'll make transporting your clothes to your washing machine a breeze.

    a double hamper in a bathroom

    9. A pair of over-cabinet bins that'll catch excess food scraps while you prep your next meal. They'll help prevent a messy countertop, and make it easier to clean up once you're done.

    a hanging bin filled with scraps from a cutting board

    10. A rotating caddy that'll save you from rummaging through cupboards and drawers when you're getting ready. It'll help you keep all your fave beauty products tidy, accessible, and easy to find.

    a rotating caddy with many departments holding makeup

    11. Or a divided cosmetics container that'll inspire you to keep your stuff organized, instead of scattered on your counter. It's completely transparent, so you'll know when it's time to restock your cotton balls.

    a divided acrylic container with toiletries in each compartment

    12. A trio of fabric baskets for towels, blankets, dog toys, makeup, and whatever else you might have lying around. Reviewers say they're super sturdy and love how stylish they look stacked on a shelf or in a closet.

    three fabric baskets on a floor filled with blankets, towels, and toys

    13. A handy drain snake that'll travel into the dark and scary depths of your pipes to pull out whatever gunk is clogging 'em. Trust me, it'll be a godsend if you practically moult every time you take a shower.

    14. A set of magnetic spice jars you can stick right to your fridge. Each one has two lil' sprinkling slots, which you can open and close by twisting the lid.

    12 herb containers beside a cutting board

    15. A box of extra-large Bounce sheets that'll keep your laundry from getting wrinkled in the dryer. Reviewers say they'll help get pet hair off of your clothes, too.

    a bounce sheet next to a box of bounce sheets

    16. A collapsible funnel you can use to transfer your sauces, soups, and leftovers into jars and other containers (without making a mess).

    a funnel being used to pour juice into a bottle

    17. A slim utility cart that'll slide into awkward nooks and crannies. If you don't have any cabinets in your bathroom, this thing will do wonders for storing toilet paper and extra toiletries.

    a utility cart with toiletries and towels on it in a bathroom

    18. A Scrub Daddy scrubber that might look like a creepier version of a regular sponge, but is actually super functional. The eyes are great for gripping with your fingers, the smile is excellent for cleaning utensils, and the jagged edge is perfect for loosening stuck-on grime.

    a person holding a scrub daddy sponge in its packaging outside

    19. A full-length mirror that'll double as an armoire, so you can declutter your vanity of makeup and jewellery. It locks, meaning you can stash your extra-special treasures inside to keep 'em safe.

    a stylish mirror opened to show its inner shelves and storage space

    20. A sink caddy that'll give your soaps and sponges a place to live. It comes with a sliding tray that'll save your countertop from sudsy drips.

    a sink caddy holding toiletries in a bathroom

    21. A narrow dresser that'll turn that pesky area between your wall and your couch into useful storage space. Reviewers love that the drawers are long and roomy, and say that it's super easy to assemble.

    a set of narrow drawers beside a wall and a couch

    22. A bestselling cutlery tray that'll keep your utensils exactly where you need them to be. Since each row is stacked, it'll take up less room than a typical tray — which you'll appreciate if you only have, like, one drawer.

    a cutlery tray in a drawer in a vibrant kitchen

    23. A divided bin that'll help you organize the random items in your junk drawer once and for all. Reviewers say it's perfect for stashing spice packs and tea, too.

    toiletries and makeup in a tiered basket

    24. A colander that'll clip directly onto your pots and pans, so you can strain your ingredients without transferring them into another vessel.

    a person straining water out of a pot of noodles

    25. A window and sliding door cleaning kit that'll clean the oft-forgotten crevices in your home. It's perfect for hard-to-reach areas like the annoying gap behind your faucets and crumb-filled nooks in your car.

    26. An over-the-toilet shelving unit that'll make room for all your bath-time essentials. You can also use it on top of your washing machine if you need somewhere to store your detergents and cleaning supplies.

    27. A set of cabinet hooks you can use to hang your coffee cups, rather than cramming them into your less-than-roomy kitchen cupboards.

    mugs hanging off of the mountable hooks

    28. A tub of multi-purpose cleansing powder that'll transform your grungy cookware, sinks, tubs, bikes — you name it. Reviewers say it's the best stuff for reviving old, stained surfaces that you've nearly given up on.

    29. A set of clear bins that'll help you reorganize your fridge, pantry, or bathroom cupboards. They're stackable, which makes them perfect for organizing all the small spaces in your home.

    30. A pack of washing machine cleaner suds that'll get rid of soap scum and lingering debris. Reviewers say it's their go-to detergent for eliminating gross smells and love that it's environmentally-friendly and biodegradable, too.

    31. A pair of silicone gap fillers that'll save you from lugging your oven out of place to sweep up crumbs and rogue pasta shells. It'll also decrease your chance of attracting creepy crawlies, which is always a plus.

    a person cutting the gap filler to fit their counter

    32. A hanging closet organizer that'll help optimize your wardrobe space. It'll give you somewhere convenient to put the stuff you'd rather fold than hang.

    a hanging closet organizer with four compartments

    33. And finally, a magnetic paper towel holder you can pop on the side of your fridge. It'll keep your roll off your counter and out of the way, but within arm's reach whenever you need it.

    a roll of paper towel on a fridge

    Cheers to making your home a better place!

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