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    22 Games, Puzzles, And Fun Things To Add To Your Cart

    Perfect for rainy days.

    1. A tabletop air hockey set that'll give you and your roommates something fun to do on nights in. It's mini, so you could even take it with you to parties, too.

    a mini air hockey set

    2. A deck of tarot cards you can use to get a glimpse into the world of mystery, magic, and maybe some light fortune-telling. They're cat-themed, for all you feline-obsessed future seekers out there.

    a person using the cat-themed tarot cards

    3. An intricate intricate puzzle inspired by The Simpsons that'll make your brain work while you piece together all of its teeny-weeny details. It's 1,000 pieces, which means you can expect several hours of entertainment with this thing.

    a puzzle with hundreds of characters from the simpsons

    4. Or a funky 500-piece puzzle that'll still challenge you, but will take a little less time to finish.

    a person putting together a funky floral puzzle

    5. A mini pool table that'll have your party pals lining up to play. It won't take up much space, so there'll be plenty of room for other games and festivities, too.

    a mini pool table on a carpet surrounded by pillows

    6. A copy of Azul that is just as pretty and vibrant as it is fun to play. Each round players draw tiles and try to place them strategically on a board in order to score the most points. The goal is to form rows of matching tiles (and to screw over your opponents as much as possible, lol).

    the azul game and vibrant tiles

    7. A Lite-Brite set for anyone whose comfort show is Stranger Things. If you're a millennial, you'll love the nostalgic throwback these crafty lil' lights will provide, too.

    8. A postcard painting kit you can use to illustrate thoughtful notes to the people in your life who you actually like. You can also use it as a sketch book while you're on the go or travelling.

    the painting set

    9. A karaoke microphone that'll have you singing your heart out at your next shindig. It comes with a built-in phone stand, so you can display the lyrics to whatever tune you choose to belt out.

    a person holding a microphone that has a phone stand attached to it

    10. A polymer clay starter kit if you want to make your own bright and funky accessories. You can use it to craft earrings, keychains, pendants, wine charms — you name it.

    The clay set in a plastic case with compartments

    11. A ouija board you and a fellow spooky season enthusiast can use to make contact with the 🔮other side🔮. It glows in the dark, which will make your experience all the creepier.

    a person using the ouija board

    12. A paint-by-numbers kit that'll give you something creative to work on, and eventually, new decor to put up. Reviewers love that it's not overly complicated, but still challenging enough to entertain them for a day or two of painting.

    A finished image of the paint by numbers image of daisies

    13. A ginormous tumble tower game that is deeply inspired by Jenga — except this baby can stack up to five feet tall. Reviewers recommend playing on a carpet to avoid denting the pieces (and your hardwood floors).

    a tumble tower game falling over outdoors

    14. A What Do You Meme? card game set that'll make you laugh, cringe, and laugh some more. Basically, each player is dealt seven "caption" cards and has to match their funniest (or most inappropriate) card to a chosen meme.

    a person holding the what do you meme cards

    15. An embroidery starter kit that'll give you something besides your phone to fiddle with when you're bored. Reviewers love how cute the designs are, and say the instructions are foolproof — even if you've never sewn before.

    three floral embroidered circles

    16. A Nintendo Switch Lite that'll provide you with endless entertainment, if you're into gaming. It's portable, meaning you won't need to be glued to your TV to use it.

    A Nintendo Switch Lite

    17. A bottle of fabric dye that'll transform your tired, old clothes and make 'em look even better than they did when you first got them. You can even use it to create tie-dye designs, too.

    18. A ping pong set you can use on any table. The net is expandable and equipped with sturdy clamps that make it super easy to set up.

    the ping pong set

    19. A calligraphy guide and a pair of brush pens if you've always been obsessed with making your handwriting as pretty as it can be.

    20. A Disney board game that'll let you scheme and strategize under the guise of your favourite villain. Reviewers say it's fun for kids and adults, and love how it relates to all the movies.

    The pieces, cards, and board for the Disney Villans game

    21. A Keanu Reeves colouring book if you adore both Keanu and colouring. You'll get to fill in 35 hand-drawn illustrations that'll let you bask in his brooding gaze for hours.

    The front cover of a Keanu Reeves colouring book

    22. And finally, another 500-piece puzzle if you live and breathe The Office. It's the perfect activity to do while you rewatch your fave episodes (again).

    a puzzle inspired by the characters from the office

    Have fun, y'all!

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