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    36 Things You'll Appreciate If You Love Florals

    Flower power? Yes, please.

    1. This tiny daisy plate that'll look just as cute as the trinkets you put in it. It'll, without a doubt, brighten up your vanity, desk, or wherever else you choose to put it.

    a daisy shaped dish with rings on it

    2. This retro scarf scrunchie that'll make you feel like vintage royalty. It's made with a satin-like material that won't tangle up your precious locks.

    a person sitting wearing the scarf scrunchie in their hair

    3. This adorbs waste bin that'll turn your trash into home decor. It's the perfect size for a bathroom, but you could definitely put it in your home office or bedroom, too.

    a floral waste bin

    4. This Vans T-shirt that'll let you flaunt your love for floral graphics.

    5. A rosy highball glass with a subtle floral trim that'll make any drink you mix up a little cuter. How adorable is that detailing?

    A rosy glass with a floral trim

    6. This stylish insulated tumbler, so you can pass on disposable cups whenever you grab a coffee to go. It'll keep your hot drinks toasty and your icy drinks frosty, too.

    a floral tumbler on a tiled table

    7. A set of cloth napkins, so you can stop reaching for paper ones every time you eat something a little messy. They'll elevate your dining room decor and come in handy on special occasions, too.

    a floral reusable napkin

    8. This daisy-patterned tub mat that'll save you from slipping while you take a shower. Its dotted texture will massage your feet while you stand on it, too.

    a floral bath mat in a tub

    9. This puffed-sleeve blouse that'll drape and pucker in all the right places. It gives me all of the summer dance party vibes — and tbh, that's all I'm really looking for right now.

    a person wearing the puff-sleeve floral blouse with denim shorts

    10. A set of coasters that'll prevent ring stains on your coffee table (and look absolutely darling doing so, too).

    floral coasters on a wooden table next to cups of tea

    11. This gorgeous candle that is made with real dried flowers, if you're looking to elevate the ambiance in your bedroom or bathroom.

    a lit candle on a tray next to a bouquet of tulips

    12. This duvet cover set that'll brighten up your bedroom with its floral pattern. The cover has a zipper, so you won't spend half an hour fumbling with buttons when you want to wash it.

    a floral bed set on a comfy bed in a relaxing room

    13. This colourful flower print that'll make you want to grow a garden of your own. If your walls are in need of an upgrade, florals are always a cute option.

    Flowers illustrated with lines and vibrant colours

    14. This wide-brimmed bucket hat that'll give your face a little extra protection from the sun. I mean, is it even summer without a fun (and floral) hat?

    a person wearing the bucket hat and holding onto the straps

    15. This lunch bag, if you tend to bring your own snacks to school or work. It's insulated, so it'll keep your meals fresh and ready to eat.

    a rectangular lunch bag with a floral pattern on it

    16. A set of flower stickers, because they're just so cute! You can put 'em on your laptop, phone case, bike frame, or even use them in your bullet journal.

    floral stickers in a tray

    17. This adorable handbag that'll make any ensemble a little more exciting. It's made out of coconut shells with stunning detailing that'll make everyone ask you where you got it.

    a person holding the flower-print purse while wearing a vibrant dress

    18. A set of ultra-cute bookmarks that'll save you from bending the pages of your current read. They're magnetic, so they won't slip out and make you lose your spot (like regular ol' bookmarks often do).

    19. This engraved ring that'll be a great addition to your ever-growing collection of beautiful baubles.

    A shiny ring with wild flowers engraved on its face

    20. A shower curtain that'll give your bathroom a total refresh. It has a weighted seam along the bottom, so you won't have to worry about it billowing out of your tub every time you take a shower.

    A floral shower curtain hanging around a tub

    21. This light and airy floral skirt that basically screams sipping sangria with your pals in the sweet, sweet sunshine. It wraps around and ties at the waist for an adjustable fit.

    a person wearing the floral skirt

    22. A set of giant wall decals that'll brighten up whatever space you put them in. And taking photos in front of 'em? 10/10.

    big flower stickers on a wall above a couch

    23. This decorative clock that'll make your space more vibrant and maybe even stop you from grabbing your phone every time you want to know what time it is.

    a clock with a floral background

    24. A roll of peel-and-stick wallpaper that'll give your space the vibrant accent wall it deserves. You can also use it to ~zhuzh~ up any old furniture that's starting to look a little tired.

    25. A pair of floral shorts with hundreds of little daisies printed on 'em, so you can really embrace a summer ~lewk~. They're high rise with an elasticized waist that'll hug your curves in all the right ways.

    floral shorts next to a pair of sandals, a hat, and some flowers

    26. A colourful face mask that'll brighten up your ~smize~ with fun and fresh florals.

    six floral masks of varying colours

    27. A pair of dainty daisy earrings that are just so gosh-darned pretty! Because they're handcrafted (by Montreal artist, Pilar Agueci), each set is unique.

    28. This throw pillow that'll instantly add a splash of warmth to your living room. Reviewers say it's super soft and that the colours are even prettier than the featured photos.

    A floral throw pillow on a couch

    29. A lined journal that'll match the rest of your flowery spring attire. It's refillable, so you can keep using the cover even after you've used up the pages it comes with.

    A floral journal

    30. A whimsical wall tapestry that'll turn your bedroom into a summer oasis, without the work (and the price tag) that comes along with painting.

    A floral wall tapestry in a dreamy bedroom

    31. A floral smock-waist dress that you can throw on any day of the week. It's airy, stylish, and will keep you cool on a hot day.

    a person wearing the dress with white sandals

    32. This dreamy art print that'll remind you to stay high on life (which is actually the name of the piece!). It's sure to fit right in with the rest of your summery decor.

    A person blowing flowers from her mouth like smoke

    33. A set of clips that'll let you experiment with different hair styles and maybe even help you try out that middle part you've been contemplating.

    six straight floral hair clips

    34. A lush garden print that'll bring the outdoors into your apartment, even if you don't have any actual plants at the moment.

    A print of flowers

    35. An oven mitt that's cute enough to be a piece of decor (with the added bonus of being functional!). It'll replace the old stained one you have hiding in your junk drawer.

    A floral oven mit

    36. And finally, this paint by numbers kit that'll give you new decor to put up and something to do. Reviewers love that it's not overly complicated, but still challenging enough to entertain them for a day or two of painting.

    My obsession with florals will never stop.

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