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    28 Things That'll Get Your Space Ready For Company

    I've missed hosting SO much.

    1. This patterned tablecloth that'll give your dinner table a stylish upgrade. It'll also add warmth to your dining room, which will make your space feel a little more welcoming.

    a circle-patterned table cloth on a table with dinnerware on top

    2. This cutlery set, if you're tired of your old utensils that never matched to begin with. It'll make your place settings look way cuter, especially on special occasions or when you host dinner parties.

    fork, knife, and two spoons on a linen

    3. An ecobee SmartThermostat that'll keep your home at the perfect temperature. Among SO many features, this baby will actually learn and adapt to your schedule — plus, it comes with Alexa, so you can control it with your voice.

    the smart thermostat surrounded by decorative stones

    4. A pack of cocktail napkins that'll come in handy the next time you host. Reviewers say they're thick and vibrant, plus they'll look a heck of a lot cuter on the table than sheets of paper towel.

    Vibrant paper napkins in and beside a cute basket on a counter

    5. This 11-piece cocktail set that'll upgrade your bar and help you serve up some delicious beverages in style. Did someone say margaritas?

    An image of all 11 pieces in the cocktail set

    6. And this cocktail print that'll teach you how to make all the classics. It'll look fab on the wall above your bar cart or in your kitchen.

    A print of 10 classic cocktails and their ingredients

    7. A cordless umbrella light that'll keep your patio table illuminated all night long. It has an adjustable clamp that'll fit around almost any pole, so you won't need a screwdriver to take it on and off.

    the umbrella light lighting up a patio tables and a tent

    8. A patterned bath towel that'll add some style to your bathroom. It's made of organic cotton that'll feel soft and plush on your skin.

    two towels with palm leaf patterns in a bathroom

    9. A cold brew maker, so you can serve up some iced coffee at home this summer. It'll strain your coffee through an extra-fine reusable filter, so you won't end up with grounds in your glasses.

    a pitcher of iced coffee on a cutting board

    10. A 16-piece tableware set that'll turn your dining room table into a gosh-darned work of art. If presentation matters to you, like, at all, then this set will definitely do the trick.

    various plates and fruit slices on a marble table

    11. A set of giant floral wall decals that'll upgrade the decor in whatever space you put them in. And taking photos in front of 'em? 10/10.

    big flower stickers on a wall above a couch

    12. A split-level cheese board that comes with serving utensils nestled into the bottom tier. Wine and cheese night? Yes, please.

    A split cheese board with three utensils in the bottom half

    13. A tissue box holder that'll disguise those not-so-cute boxes you usually find at the grocery store. Yes, allergy season is here, but that doesn't mean you should let your runny nose ruin your decor.

    A lemon-print tissue box holder

    14. A set of wine glasses that'll give you and whoever you're hosting an elevated drinking experience while you share a Friday night bottle of Chardonnay.

    a glass of wine next to a barrel on a table

    15. A pack of waterproof peel-and-stick tiles that'll give your floors an instant upgrade. They're great for anyone who wants to improve their space, but rents and realistically won't be shelling out the big bucks to fully retile.

    A wooden credenza on a funky patterned tiled floor

    16. A set of coasters that'll prevent ring stains on your coffee table (and look darling doing so, too).

    floral coasters on a wooden table next to cups of tea

    17. A cable management box that'll trick your house guests into thinking you're neat and tidy. It'll tame that tangled mess of cords beside your desk and prevent dust from building up in your power bars.

    a before image of a messy power bar next to the after image of the power management box concealing the messy wires

    18. This outdoor tablecloth that'll brighten up your patio furniture. It has a hole in the middle with a zip-up slit, so you can use it with your umbrella.

    a botanical patterned table cloth on a patio table with a hole for the umbrella

    19. A Disney board game that'll let you and your guests scheme and strategize under the guise of your favourite villains. Reviewers say it's fun for kids and adults, and love how relevant it is to the movies.

    The pieces, cards, and board for the Disney Villans game

    20. This 500-piece puzzle that'll give your guests something fun to do while you prep dinner. It'll look super cute on your coffee table when it's finished, too.

    a floral puzzle

    21. A vibrant outdoor pillow that'll make your deck even more comfortable (and stylish) to hang out on. It's weather resistant, so it won't be the end of the world if it stays out in the rain.

    A person holding four vibrant pillows

    22. An adhesive-free roll of decorative window film that'll make your windows twinkle and shine. It'll also lend you a little extra privacy, especially if you have a bedroom window that faces directly into your neighbour's house.

    the adhesive window film on a set of windowed doors

    23. This super cute tub mat that'll save you from slipping while you take a shower. Its dotted texture will feel like a massage for your feet while you stand on it, too.

    a floral bath mat in a tub

    24. This vibrant cushion that'll instantly add a splash of colour to your living room. Its cover is removable, so you can toss it in the wash on laundry day.

    a vibrant patterned pillow on a chair

    25. A string of outdoor lights that'll turn your yard into a rustic hangout space. Reviewers love that they emit a soft, warm glow, rather than being super bright and harsh.

    The stringed lights hanging in a backyard

    26. This adorbs waste bin that'll turn your trash into home decor. Reviewers say its the perfect size for a bathroom, but you could definitely put it in your home office or bedroom, too.

    a trash can with illustrated peaches all over it

    27. A charming glass bottle lantern that'll emit a delicate glow when your overhead lights just won't do. You turn it on and off by pressing the button on the lid, so you won't have to dig your finger into the bottle.

    the bottles with fairy lights in them on a table next to cocktails

    28. And finally, a decorative placemat, so you can stop swiping crumbs off of your table and onto the floor. It's easier to maintain than a full tablecloth, and is also totally food safe.

    a colourful placemat on a table

    Relearning how to host like:

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