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    20 Stylish Backpacks, Bags, And Purses You’ll Appreciate If You Commute Anywhere

    Because it's probably time for an upgrade.

    1. This corduroy shoulder bag that'll take some of the load off of your pockets. It has two zip-up compartments that'll let you keep your things organized.

    2. This handbag that'll see you through all of your patio dates and sunny strolls. It's made with faux leather that mimics a crocodile print for a timeless ~lewk~ you can pair with just about anything.

    the crocodile print purse hanging on a hanger

    3. This mini adidas duffel bag that'll come in handy at the gym or in the car on your next road trip. It has a shoulder strap and padded handles that'll make toting it around easy and comfortable.

    a small adidas duffel bag

    4. This sleek backpack that'll be the perfect size to carry your laptop in. It's waterproof, so you won't have to worry about your belongings if you get caught in the rain.

    5. This crossbody wallet that'll help you carry all of your essentials. It has slots for your credit cards and a change purse inside, along with a compartment you can keep your phone in, too.

    a person wearing the wallet purse

    6. This snazzy shoulder bag that'll accompany you on all of your evening outings. It's simple, stylish, and will absolutely add a little pizzazz to your fave party dress.

    A person holding the shoulder bag

    7. This yoga mat bag that'll make trips to and from your local studio even smoother. It has a drawstring closure you can adjust to fit your mat, and an exterior zip-up pocket you can use to stash your phone in.

    a neoprene yoga mat bag

    8. This heart-shaped purse that is so darn cute, you'll never want to take it off. It's made entirely with dreamy iridescent beads and has a button-top closure that'll keep your belongings secure.

    a beaded heart-shaped purse with a wallet and a card sticking out the top

    9. This adidas backpack, because whether you're a student or not, it's always handy to have an essential like this baby.

    a backpack with three zip-up pockets

    10. This roomy fanny pack that's on the larger side, so you'll actually fit everything you want to take with you — without having to lug around a whole backpack.

    a person sitting cross legged wearing a mask and the large fanny pack

    11. This adorable handbag that'll make any ensemble a little more exciting. It's made out of coconut shells with stunning detailing that'll make everyone ask you where you got it.

    a person holding the flower-print purse while wearing a vibrant dress

    12. This crossbody bag that'll help you get from point A to point B with your daily essentials. It has two zip-up pockets that'll help you sort your things for easy access.

    a person wearing the bag on their back

    13. A fancy saddle bag for your bike, so you can stash your emergency patch kit and granola bars. It attaches with buckles that'll make it a cinch to put on and take off as you please.

    a leather saddle bag with three looped buckles you can attach to a bike

    14. This spacious zip-up tote that you'll appreciate on picnics, trips to the market, or even overnight stays. Cute and useful? Yes, please.

    a person carrying the vibrant tote bag

    15. This handy Nike fanny pack that'll let you carry your necessities comfortably while you bop around town. It has reflective details that'll provide a little extra visibility when you're out and about in the evening.

    a person wearing the fanny pack over her chest

    16. This cotton backpack that'll come in handy for trips to the grocery store or study seshes. It's extra roomy, so you won't have to double up on bags if you've got a lot to carry.

    a person wearing the backpack from the back

    17. This insulated bag that'll keep your picnic provisions fresh and cool. Its straps are adjustable, so you can wear it over your shoulders like a backpack or carry it around like a tote bag.

    18. This minimalist shoulder bag that'll help you carry all of the little things you can't leave the house without. It's basically a cross between a messenger bag and a cute purse — which will work for daily outings or evening events.

    a person with the shoulder bag slung over their shoulders

    19. This vegan leather backpack that won't cramp your style, even if you have to commute across the city with more than a purse's worth of belongings.

    20. And finally, this waterproof fanny pack that'll come in handy on your next trip to the beach. It'll help make sure your phone and wallet won't get soaked, even if the weather takes a turn for the worse.

    a person in shorts wearing the translucent fanny pack

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