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    29 Little Tips ’n’ Tricks That’ll Make A Big Difference When You’re Travelling

    Because being unprepared is NOT cute.

    1. Grab a pair of EarPlanes if you're particularly sensitive to the change in air pressure when you fly. Reviewers say these babies are way better than chewing gum and that they help immensely when it comes to headaches and ear pain, especially when the plane takes off and touches down.

    2. Use Google Flights flight price tracking to get the best bang for your buck. It's FREE and you can opt in to receive email notifications when prices drop.

    a screenshot of google flights landing page

    3. Instead of buying a bunch of minis, grab a toiletry set you can fill up with the essentials you already have. This set comes with four silicone bottles and two tiny tubs that don't exceed 100 mL, meaning you can pack 'em all in your carry-on bag.

    the toiletry set on a blank background

    4. And if you're a Sephora enthusiast like I am, take stock of all of your samples and pack some into your toiletry bag, too.

    a variety of beauty samples, including briogeo shampoo, oribe hair oil, glow recipe niacinaide serum, and giorgio armani foundation

    5. If you can't be without your signature scent, grab a travel perfume atomizer so you can bring some along with you. This way, you won't have to pack your entire bottle and risk having it shatter in your bag.

    Elizabeth transferring some of her perfume into a mini refillable perfume atomizer bottle

    6. Triple-thousand check that your passport isn't about to expire, y'all. It can take forever to get it renewed, so don't dillydally.

    brittany holding up a canadian passport

    7. If you're headed somewhere warm, grab a pair of sturdy sandals, like Tevas. Trust me, they'll do you a heck of a lot more good than flimsy flip-flops.

    brittany wearing vibrant teva sandals

    8. Make sure to pack a universal power adapter if you're going to a country with different outlets. You'll want to be able to plug in your stuff (obviously!), and these bad lads can sometimes be hard to find locally.

    the cube power adapter with tons of slots on each side

    9. Get a pack of SPF lip balms to keep your pout from burning in the sun, if, like me, you also tend to neglect your lips when you put on sunscreen.

    a person holding three tubes of lip balm over vibrant water

    10. If you're checking a bag, put a luggage tag on it in case it goes missing. You have to open this one up to reveal all of your personal information (for privacy), but there's a little window that'll display your name (or whatever you choose to write in that area).

    a luggage tag against a blank background

    11. On that note, pack some back-up clothes and anything you deem utterly irreplaceable in your carry-on bag — just in case the airline misplaces your luggage.

    brittany in a mirror wearing her carry on bag

    12. You'll probably have to do some laundry while you're away, so pack of laundry detergent sheets that won't take up much room in your luggage. They're light as a feather, so you won't even know they're there.

    A person holding the detergent strips

    13. Use a travel wallet that'll ✨actually fit✨ your passport, visas, and other IDs. It'll keep everything together and organized, so you won't have to rummage through your bag to find what you need once you hit airport security.

    a large wallet with a phone inside

    14. You might wanna take photos of all of your travel documents and IDs and send 'em to someone you trust — just in case your wallet goes missing. Save some screen shots of your plane/train/bus tickets and hotel confirmations as well.

    a screenshot of a text including an airbnb reservation confirmation

    15. I always bring a pair of not-so-expensive earbuds with me, so I won't be totally heartbroken if they get lost or break on my adventure. These babies have around 32 hours of playtime, so they'll last you through lengthy journeys.

    a person wearing the earbuds

    16. Double check whether or not you'll be able to drink the tap water at your destination. Even if you can, pack a reusable bottle that has a filter. The H2O might be safe to drink, but you might not love the taste of it.

    17. And if you can't drink the tap water, you might wanna skip on ordering drinks with ice in them. No one needs an upset stomach on vacation.

    a photo of brittany holding an icy bev with a line through it

    18. If your mind likes to run wild with terrifying "what if" scenarios the moment you shut the lights for bed, grab a portable door lock for a little extra security.

    19. Hook up your phone with an eSIM card and skip the hassle of trying to buy a physical one when you arrive. I always use Airalo, which has a ton of different data plans for all kinds of destinations. It's v simple — you just download the app, pick your plan, and follow the instructions to connect to the internet (without roaming charges!).

    20. Use a set of compression packing cubes to keep your stuff organized and make the most of the space in your luggage. These ones are water-resistant, meaning your belongings won't get absolutely soaked if you get caught in bad weather while you're en route.

    five compression bags on a white background

    21. And if you're pressed for luggage space, think about what you might be able to buy at your destination. Depending on where you're going, disposable razors, sunscreen, deodorant, and other things you might use up while you're on vacay can probably be purchased there.

    tubes of sunscreen, gold bond powder, and deodorant

    22. Bring a pair of earplugs, especially if you plan on staying at a hostel. There's nothing worse than getting up to crush a full day of adventures after a horrible sleep.

    a pair of earplugs on a blank background

    23. Be an adult and get travel insurance. If you've never had to get some yourself, the government of Canada can elaborate on where you can get some, why you should get it, and what exactly you'll be covered for.

    a list of helpful links to teach you about travel insurance

    24. If you don't *love* the thought of sleeping in a bed that isn't yours, bring a pack of disposable bedsheets to know FOR SURE that they're clean. They'll come in particularly handy if you have allergies and are staying somewhere that hosts pets.

    someone putting a pack of disposable bedsheets in their luggage

    25. Throw some resistance bands into your bag if you won't have much access to a gym, but still wanna get a spicy workout in. They're super lightweight and flexible, making them a breeze to pack away.

    26. If you end up in a city with multiple airports, make sure you know exactly which one you have to go to. I know this one seems obvious, but it happens to the best of us — especially if you aren't familiar with the area.

    a screenshot of a map of melbourne showing a bunch of airports

    27. Bring a tub of melatonin gummies to help you deal with jet lag. They'll also come in handy if you're taking a pesky red-eye flight and need a little extra help sleeping on the plane.

    My photo of the gummies with the text "most productive bedtime snack ever?"

    28. Preemptively download some movies onto your phone for something to do while you wait for your flight (or while you're flying, if the plane you're on doesn't have screens). Grab a phone mount so you can watch comfortably. You'll also be able to use it as a tripod to take pics of yourself living your best life!

    29. And finally, do your dang research. Certain places will require you to apply for visas or get specific vaccines, so you'll wanna make sure you have everything you need to save yourself from getting turned away at the airport.

    a photo of a visa to get into vietnam

    Have SO much fun, y'all!

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