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    18 Pairs Of Shorts From Amazon Canada That Are Actually Super Cute

    Cute and functional.

    1. A pair of floral shorts with hundreds of little daisies printed on 'em, so you can really embrace a summer ~lewk~. They're high rise with an elasticized waist that'll hug your curves in all the right ways.

    floral shorts next to a pair of sandals, a hat, and some flowers

    2. A pair of mid-rise Bermuda shorts that'll go with just about anything. You can roll them up to make them a little shorter, or leave them uncuffed for a longer leg.

    a person wearing denim bermuda shorts

    3. A pair of lightweight cotton shorts that'll keep you comfy in the heat. They tie at the waist, so you can ~casually~ flaunt your hourglass figure.

    a person wearing the loose-fitted shorts with a blouse

    4. A pair of Levi's overall shorts, because they're just so heckin' cute. They'll see you through all of your warm-weather adventures, whether you're having a picnic with pals or fixing up your garden.

    5. A pair of comfy jogger shorts, if you haven't already replaced your sweat pants with something breezier. You can wear 'em out and about, as pyjama bottoms, on a run — or for all of the above, tbh.

    a person wearing the joggers in some grass

    6. A pair of bestselling plus-size jersey shorts that you can throw on, without having to think too hard about your outfit. If you love a 'lax vibe, these babies were made for you.

    a person wearing the jersey shorts with a t-shirt

    7. This tie-dye lounge set that'll keep you cool when it's too hot to wear anything full-length. They're cute enough to run to the grocery store in, but comfy enough to wear as pyjamas, too!

    a person wearing a matching tie-dye t-shirt and shorts set

    8. A pair of Levi's denim shorts that'll become your go-to bottoms this summer. Whether you're running some errands or having a drink on your balcony, these bad boys will see you through the day.

    9. A pair of bestselling bike shorts that'll feel like second skin. Comfy and cute? Please and thanks. Oh, and did I mention that they have pockets!?

    a person wearing bike shorts with pockets

    10. This stylish sleeveless romper that'll make you feel chic and polished while you bop around town in the glorious sunshine.

    a person wearing a button up romper with a fabric belt tied at the waist

    11. A pair of chino shorts that'll come in handy on occasions when you're not feelin' a dress, but still want to dress up a bit. Reviewers say they're the perfect combination of stylish and comfortable.

    a person wearing the long bermuda shorts

    12. A pair of bestselling running shorts that'll help to keep your sweat at bay. They're super breathable and lightweight, making 'em a great option for jogging outdoors when it's warm.

    a person taking their phone out of the running shorts

    13. A pair of paper bag shorts, because you can never have too many high-rise staples in your closet. It comes with a fabric belt you can tie at the waist, so you can adjust it to fit just right.

    a person wearing the paper bag shorts that are tied at the waist

    14. A pair of pinstripe shorts that'll hug you in all the right spots. You can easily dress 'em up or down — they'll look great with both heels and sneakers.

    a person wearing pinstripe paperbag shorts

    15. A pleated skort, because they're just so ~in~ right now. Whether you're reenacting the "...Baby One More Time" video or out playing tennis, this piece is bound to come in handy.

    a person sitting on a bench next to a tennis racket wearing the skort

    16. A pair of exercise shorts that'll keep you cool during your summer workout routine. They've got a handy zip-up pocket on the back and a sneaky inside pocket at the front, so you can stash your keys or cards.

    17. This floral playsuit that'll feel as comfy as your fave lounge set, but look as cute as your go-to sundress. It's the perfect outfit to bike around town in when you want to look cute, but don't want to deal with cycling in a dress.

    a floral halter-top jumpsuit next to a pair of sandals

    18. And finally, a pair of patterned shorts that'll get you ready for sunny strolls and park hangs. They're versatile enough that you can wear 'em casually with a tee or formally with a blouse and strappy sandals.

    a person wearing a lightly patterned pair of shorts

    It's finally here, y'all!

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