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    30 Decorative Things That’ll Instantly Upgrade Your Apartment

    They're pretty and practical.

    1. This throw pillow that'll add a splash of summer to your home decor and remind you of warmer days.

    A floral throw pillow on a couch

    2. This hanging planter contraption that'll literally elevate the aesthetic of your house plants. It adjusts vertically and horizontally, so you can decide on the length of each hanging rod and space your planters out perfectly, too.

    A metal hanging contraption with three plants hanging off of it

    3. A sherpa blanket that looks as soft and fuzzy as it feels. Drape it over your couch as a throw or keep it in your bedroom to snuggle with all night long.

    The throw blanket in a cute bedroom

    4. A cute canister you can use to display your most-used kitchen utensils. You could also keep it in your bathroom to store your hairbrushes and combs.

    A cute canister with a flower on it holding ladles and spatulas

    5. A sheer curtain that'll let the sunlight shine whimsically into your apartment. The floral pattern will bring a little green into your space, even if you aren't a plant parent just yet.

    The sheer curtain hanging off of a rod above a window

    6. A placemat, so you can stop swiping crumbs off of your table and onto the floor. They're easier to maintain than a full tablecloth, and are totally food safe, too.

    The floral placemat on a wooden table

    7. A shower curtain that'll give your bathroom a total refresh. It has a weighted seam along the bottom, so you won't have to worry about it billowing out of your tub every time you take a shower.

    A cute patterned shower curtain

    8. And a matching tray you can keep in your bathroom to put your soap bars or jewelry on.

    A cute patterned tray with jewelry on it

    9. A glass bottle lantern that'll emit a delicate glow on those relaxing evenings when your overhead light just won't do. You turn it on and off by simply pressing the button on the lid, so you won't have to ever have to dig into the bottle!

    Six glass bottle lanterns sitting in a row

    10. A tissue box holder that'll save you from hunting for a tissue box that isn't totally heinous. Don't let your runny nose ruin your decor!

    A tissue box holder with a tissue sticking out of it

    11. A carpet runner that'll give your plain hallway a little character. It's not super thick, so you can easily take it outside and give it a good shake every now and then.

    The carpet runner next to a plant

    12. A metallic jewelry stand that'll let you admire your nicest necklaces, without having to wear them all the time. It'll save those long chains from getting tangled up in your overflowing jewelry box, and it'll look charming on your bedside table.

    A jewelry holder on a desk next to a plant

    13. This chiromancy print that'll give your space a air of ~mystique~. It'll also teach you how to read the lines on your hands (and be around to remind you if you ever forget).

    A poster with hands and moons on it

    14. Or this sky map that'll showcase the cosmos right there on your wall. You'll find all of the major constellations illustrated on it, drawn by hand.

    The sky map hanging on a wall

    15. This self-adhesive wallpaper that's way easier to apply than regular wallpaper, but is just as pretty. You can use it to create a stylish accent wall, on your stairs, or even to amp up an old piece of furniture.

    The self-adhesive wallpaper lining a staircase

    16. A round mirror that comes with a marble stand and will open up any space you put it in. If you love a minimalist look, this clean-cut set will look fab in your apartment.

    A round mirror sitting in a marble cube next to a small plant

    17. This hanging tray that'll keep your finest decor from eating up all your table space. You can also use it to display your lushest trailing plants for the indoor garden of your dreams.

    A hanging shelf with a decorative vase sitting on it

    18. A decorative jar that you can use to stash your valuable bits and bobs in. You can also use it to store your cotton pads in, to ~zhuzh~ up your bathroom counter.

    A cute metallic jar with a lid

    19. A wire memo board that'll keep your to-do lists and funky decor from cluttering your desk. Reviewers love how multifunctional it is — you can even use it to hang plants off of to make your space a little greener.

    The grid wire panel on a wall with memos and decoration hanging off of it above a desk with a laptop on it

    20. A woven basket that'll hold your throws when you aren't using them. It'll look adorbs in your living room, but you could also keep it in your bedroom and use it as a stylish hamper.

    A woven basket with blankets and pillows inside

    21. A galaxy light projector, for the ambient lighting of your literal dreams. It has a built-in Bluetooth speaker that'll sync up your lights with the beat of whatever music you want to play.

    The galaxy light projecting a twinkling pattern onto the ceiling of a living room

    22. A freestanding hanger that'll let you put your go-to outfits on display. You can also use it for clothes that have been worn, but aren't dirty yet (and finally get your stuff off of your floor).

    The stand with clothes hanging off of it and a box sitting on the lower shelf

    23. A circular wall planter that'll transform your boring walls into a viridescent oasis. Plants like string of pearls or burro's tail should do the trick!

    A pair of round wall planters with baby's tears plants hanging out of them

    24. Or this trio of glass terrariums that'll turn your walls into a gosh-darned jungle. You can use them for water plants, air plants, or even just as vases to keep freshly cut flowers in.

    Three glass bulbs mounted on a wall filled with water and flowers

    25. A plug-in sconce that'll give any wall in your house some vintage charm. It comes with a nifty Edison bulb you can dim or brighten using the rotating switch.

    The vintage sconce mounted on a wall with the Edison bulb dimmed down

    26. A pair of adhesive light strips that'll serve as the backdrop for all of your viral TikTok content. They come with a remote, so you can adjust the settings (including dimming) without messing around with your set up.

    A living room with long couches lined with the LED light strips below them on the floor, and above along the ceiling

    27. A simple metal basket that'll transform your crowded coffee table. It has a wooden base that gives it a rustic vibe to match your eclectic taste.

    Books inside of the wired basket

    28. A funky neon light that'll give your room a majestic vibe. Reviewers say they like how it doesn't heat up while it's on and how the weighted base keeps it from toppling off their desk.

    A unicorn-shaped neon light perched on a bed next to a vinyl record, phone, and fluffy pillow

    29. A duvet cover set that'll refresh your bed, because sometimes new bedding is all you need to make a room feel like it has just had a makeover.

    A comfy bed with bedding drooping over it stylishly

    30. And finally, a set of fairy light curtains that'll turn your bedroom (or living room!) into a sparkling land of magic and wonder.

    Fairy lights hanging over a sheer curtain

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