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    20 Self-Care Treasures Under $25 (And You Can Get 'Em All From Amazon Canada)

    The weather sucks, so treat yourself lol.

    1. A Bioderma lip balm stick that'll nourish the heck out of your chapped pout. It won't make your lips feel sticky or glossy, which you'll appreciate if you prefer an ~au naturel~ look.

    May holding the tube of lip balm

    2. A reusable eye mask you can pop in your fridge or freezer to soothe your under-eye area, reduce puffiness, and even help ease a headache. You can also toss it in your microwave for a dose of hot therapy, if the weather outside is all the cold you can take at the moment lol.

    a person lying in a tub wearing the eye mask

    3. A bottle of lavender room mist that'll help you create a ☁️serene☁️ environment for an ultra-chill day at home. Just spray it onto your sheets for a dose of aromatherapy — it'll also help you catch some z's.

    The spray surrounded by sprigs of lavender

    4. A pack of Rael hydrocolloid strips that'll beat applying six itty-bitty pimple patches to areas where you get clusters of acne. Reviewers say they stay in place and love that they can just cut them if they ever want less coverage.

    a person looking into the camera while wearing the large patches on their cheek and nose

    5. An embroidery starter kit that'll give you something besides your phone to fiddle with when you're bored. Reviewers love how cute the designs are and say the instructions are foolproof, even if you've never sewn before.

    three floral embroidery hoops on a dainty tablecloth

    6. A pack of exfoliating foot masks if your sandpaper heels have been bugging you, but you don't have the time, energy, or willpower to go get a pedicure.

    7. A bestselling self-discovery journal that'll give you a new question every day for 365 days. Reviewers say it's perfect for anyone who wants to journal, but never actually gets around to it.

    The cover of the self-discovery journal

    8. A bottle of Sally Hansen cuticle remover that'll make your cuticles *poof* disappear. Reviewers like that it has a gel-like consistency, which they say makes it easier to apply then more liquid-y formulas.

    A person holding a bottle of instant cuticle remover

    9. A 500-piece puzzle if you live and breathe The Office. It'll give you an excuse to look away from TikTok for a hot second and provide you with the perfect activity to do while you rewatch your fave episodes.

    a puzzle inspired by the characters from the office

    10. A pair of Aveeno hand and foot masks with prebiotic oats and shea butter to soothe your skin. Reviewers love how much they help when it comes to softening rough spots.

    aveeno foot and hand masks on a table

    11. A pack of affirmation cards that'll remind you how much of a bad b you are. A bunch of reviewers say they bought them as gifts, but ended up wishing they just kept them for themselves because of how nice they are.

    A person holding up three affirmation cards

    12. A pack of Dr Teals epsom salts that'll make kicking back in the tub even more enjoyable. They're formulated with lavender, which a) smells amazing and b) will help you relax.

    a pack of dr teals epsom salts

    13. Or a box of bath bombs that reviewers say smell amazing and are super moisturizing. They also love that they dissolve slowly and say they're actually comparable to those from pricier brands (like Lush).

    a bath bomb next to a folded towel and a stem of eucalyptus

    14. A tub of Aztec Secret Clay that'll suck the gunk out of your skin to minimize the look of your pores. Just mix it with a bit of water until the consistency is thick and goopy, slather it on, and wait until it solidifies before washing it off.

    15. A copy of The Book of Myself with prompts that'll have you digging into your personal history, so you can record the story of your life.

    The cover of the book of myself with illustrations of vibrant circles and leaves on it

    16. A checklist pad that'll remind you to follow through on self-care habits like drinking water, saying "no" without feeling guilty, and stretching. There are a few blank rows you can use to write in your own goals, if there are some other things you wanna work on in particular!

    a self care weekly tracker pad

    17. A facial ice roller you can fill up yourself, which will give you total freedom to mix in your own ingredients (like rosewater or tea tree oil).

    a refillable ice roller on a blank background

    18. A jar of Tetley herbal tea you can cozy up with when you're feeling chilly and absolutely done with this cold weather. This particular blend is packed with lemon, orange, and vitamin D — which won't be the same as soaking up some actual sunshine, but it'll still feel nice.

    a container of tea bags next to a slices of orange and lemon and a cup of tea

    19. A bottle of bestselling rice toner that can help to balance your complexion and improve your skin's moisture barrier. Reviewers say it's the perfect product for anyone with dry or sensitive skin and love that it doesn't have a strong smell.

    a person holding the bottle of toner next to their face

    20. And finally, a nifty colour-changing lip balm that'll use your unique pH levels to create your very own shade of pink. It has argan oil and beeswax in it to help keep your pucker smooth and hydrated.

    a softlips sheer colour lip balm

    Be kind to yourselves, friends!

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