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    13 Cozy Sherpa Blankets I Don't Know How You've Lived This Long Without

    *Tosses every other blanket I own right out the window.*

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    1. A top-rated Bedsure sherpa fleece blanket boasting over 47K 5-star reviews (no, that "K" is not a typo) from people contemplating writing poems dedicated to it and practically *begging* you to buy one too.,

    (Btw, I highly recommend reading the full version of this Bedsure sherpa fleece blanket review because it deserves some kind of medal.)

    Promising review: "This blanket. I don't have words for the love that is this blanket. I thought about writing a love poem to it, but that seemed a bit much. But it needs a warning. You will buy one. You will love it. You will discover it is the softest, warmest, coziest blanket that has ever been made. In the history of blankets, there's never been a better one. No, really. Not if cozy and soft are your goals, anyway. You will tell people about it. They will want one. It should come with a warning label that says: Caution...everyone you know will want this Bedsure sherpa fleece blanket. Buy this blanket. You know you want to. You know you want to feel enveloped in its cozy embrace. Trust me. Pick a color and buy it. Buy three. You'll need at least three. Especially if there are other people or pets in your house likely to steal yours. But whatever you do, stop looking for the perfect blanket. Because here it is. Right here. Waiting for you to love it and snuggle it. How can you refuse its fluffy softness? Do you have a cold, black heart? No? Then you have no choice. This blanket needs you. You need this blanket. It's perfect. It will be one of the best relationships of your life. WHY ARE YOU STILL READING THIS? GO BUY IT NOW." —Juliet

    Get it from Amazon for $24.99+ (available in four sizes and 25 colors).

    2. A plaid Victoria's Secret sherpa blanket I'm pretty sure should be listed under the definition of "quintessential cozy plaid blanket" in the dictionary. I mean, just LOOK at this beaut.

    Victoria's Secret

    Promising review: "This blanket is so soft and warm. I have enjoyed it during the day and night time. I bought the plaid, the colors are very nice and the sherpa very soft. Not so heavy, yet provides sufficient warmth. Great holiday gift!" —Monica from CA

    Get it from Victoria's Secret for $35 (originally $68).

    3. A reversible electric sherpa blanket with three heat settings and sherpa on one side and royal mink on the other so you can choose how toasty you want to be each time you wrap yourself up in it.,

    And this electric sherpa blanket is machine washable!

    Promising review: "This electric sherpa blanket was the best purchase I have made for the entire winter! It’s been getting very chilly at night. So instead of using a space heater, I have used this blanket a lot this winter. I no longer wake up in the middle of the night feeling chilly from a cold room. I was hesitant at first since this is my first heated blanket ever but I truly live by it now. My favorite feature is the auto-off switch which can be set to low, medium, or high. I usually use just the low or medium setting which is warm enough. This is much better than using a space heater in the bedroom which dries the air and causes other problems. I’m not sure if I can go without this next winter." —Joe Sid

    Get it from Amazon for $70.90+ (available in four colors).

    4. A truly revolutionary sherpa blanket hoodie from L.L.Bean (with pockets and a hood!) for those days when you really don't want to get out from under your warm blankets. Now you don't have to!

    LL Bean

    Promising review: "This sherpa blanket hoodie is perfect for me to use while at my desk working from home as it is warm but not overly bulky or heavy. Also while reading in bed or watching TV to keep my arms and shoulders from getting chilled but I can still use my arms freely without being all bundled up as you would if a blanket was used. This sherpa blanket hoodie is made of very soft material and is warm but not heavy – and it has pockets!" —Sidney S

    Get it from L.L.Bean for $59 (available in two colors).

    5. A reversible sherpa weighted blanket boasting a seven-layer bead-locking design so those beads will stay in their designated pockets and you won't have to awkwardly shift the blanket around to evenly distribute its weight. Ah, luxury.,

    Note: Weighted blankets are not an exact science so each individual's experience with one can differ. Find out how weighted blankets work and then if you're still not sure how to pick one of the options below, check out our guide on everything to consider before buying a weighted blanket.

    Be sure to check the item description to figure out which weight would work best for you. BTW, here are 13 other really awesome weighted blankets you can get on Amazon!

    Promising review: "Day 1 at 8 AM: I’m not able to get up from my bed. It’s not worth the effort. The entire world has somehow become very insignificant and my problems have all vanished. I’m also typing this with my eyes half open (struggling to keep them open) because I don’t think this sherpa weighted blanket is going to let me wake up. 10/5 stars." —Sriram

    Get it from Amazon for $50.99+ (available in 7–25 pounds and seven colors).

    6. A giant flour tortilla sherpa blanket – I'm not sure if I actually have to say anything else about this? You're welcome in advance.


    Promising review: "LOVE LOVE LOVE SO COZY. I don’t generally review things on here but I love this sherpa blanket so much. Was going back and forth about whether I wanted the sherpa or not but I am so glad I indulged and got it sherpa lined. Super cozy and soft. I’ve slept under it every night since I got it. Fast delivery and packaged well. Definitely recommend and may need to get another." —Alex L.

    Get it from Amazon for $30.59 (available in two sizes and other varieties without sherpa).

    7. A splurge-worthy custom-woven recycled sherpa blanket from Faherty made from 100% organic cotton and 100% recycled polyester because you deserve all that comfort.


    It's also available in several other designs and colors, like "Winter Star Light," "Arctic Range," "Open Range," and more.

    Promising review: "Best blanket I’ve ever bought! So super happy with my beautiful blanket. The sherpa fleece makes it very cuddly and warm, it has a nice weight to it, it’s a great size and the Aztec pattern is gorgeous. Really beautifully made and the quality is really there. Also really satisfying that it’s made from recycled materials. Overall, expensive for a blanket but very worth it. Winner winner." —Judy H.

    Get it from Faherty for $168.

    8. An incredibly fluffy sherpa throw blanket that basically doubles as cute 'n cozy home decor.,

    Promising review: "I bought the gray sherpa throw blanket and HOLY SMOKES this is the most comfortable blanket I think I’ve ever bought. Was meant to be decor and not really used but I can’t keep it off of me, it’s so soft. I was very surprised by how good of quality it seems, especially for the price. I’d compare the feeling of the faux fur to something like bunny’s fur, and the sherpa is very soft as well. Has some decent weight to it and I’ve found it to be very warm so far. All in all, good for the money." —Kaylee Morris

    Get it from Amazon for $26.99+ (available in five sizes and 41 colors).

    9. A luxurious "Bliss" Ugg sherpa blanket so you can roll yourself up in the form of a blanket burrito as soon as it gets delivered and experience pure ~blanket bliss~.


    There's a matching Ugg sherpa pillow too, btw!

    Promising review: "This is the throw everyone fights over. Some prefer the silky side, some the fluffy side but everyone is vying for this Ugg sherpa blanket when the temps dip!" —IceSk8Mom

    Get it from Ugg for $98 (available in two colors).

    10. A dual-sided microfiber sherpa throw guaranteed to get you into the ~cozy szn mood~ any time of the year.,

    Promising review: "BEST BLANKET EVER!!!!! First of all, this blanket is SO soft on both sides! I was a little concerned because it's not heavy, but I am so surprised at how incredibly warm it keeps me even while being a bit lightweight. LOVE LOVE LOVE it! Got the purple which is really pretty, then also ordered the tan for hubby. We use them in the living room while snuggled up watching movies." —Wendy S. Johnson

    Get it from Amazon for $18.99+ (available in two sizes and 13 colors).

    11. A super cozy lightweight sherpa bed blanket from Target I wouldn't blame you if you wanted to spend your entire day cuddled in.


    Promising review: "You need one for every room, every bed, every couch in your house. Every color – doesn't matter. These are *the* most comfortable blankets ever but are lightweight so you don't feel like you're being buried by a family of polar bears. I will be buying a second for my house, personally, because I cannot and will not share it with my boyfriend. He needs his own." —Sarah Montana

    Get it from Target for $16 (available in two sizes and three colors).

    12. A sherpa blanket fleece throw featuring a unique ribbed design for a splash of ~cozy chic~ decor anywhere you put it (but there's a good chance it won't stay in one place for too long – you'll be wrapping yourself up in this the second you feel how soft it is).,

    Note: Only 13 of the colors feature the sherpa underside.

    Promising review: "This new blanket is absolutely the best. Very well made. Extremely soft and a great-looking blanket. Buy this blanket. I’m buying three more." —MaryAnn DuVall

    Get it from Amazon for $30.99+ (available in two sizes and 13 sherpa options).

    13. And a lightweight reversible microfiber sherpa blanket to provide you with a lil' extra warmth and comfort on chilly days and nights.,

    Promising review: "I love, love, love, love, love this blanket!!! It's soft and huggable, it feels like velvet. The navy color is gorgeous, a deep rich velvet blue, a little bit darker than the photo. It was clean and ready for use." —Erik

    Get it from Amazon for $25.99+ (available in four sizes and five colors).

    You and your sherpa blankets everywhere you go:

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