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    29 Essential Black T-Shirts Darker Than Your Soul

    Because you truly can *never* have too many black wardrobe basics.

    1. A super-comfy women's crewneck T-shirt from Madewell you can wear whatever bright-colored bra you want under without it showing through since this tee is totally opaque.

    2. A women's scoop neck short-sleeve tee with a wireless built-in bra for anyone who would rather skip the whole "putting on a bra" part of their morning routine.

    3. A six-pack of Gildan men's black T-shirts boasting over 122K 5-star reviews from people who are just really happy to have finally found an affordable and comfy everyday tee.

    4. A women's V-neck crisscross tee for anyone who loves a good ol' black T-shirt but also appreciates a stylish twist.

    5. A women's oversized slub-knit T-shirt available in regular, plus, tall, and petite sizes so you can find your *perfect* fit.

    Model wearing black t-shirt

    6. A men's Fresh Clean Tees black V-neck made with buttery-soft proprietary cotton-poly fabric so comfortable you'll be running back to buy more, like, yesterday.

    7. A lightweight Threads 4 Thought short-sleeve crew tee that's odor free, stain resistant, sweat-proof, quick drying, *and* nano free. Talk about being an overachiever.

    8. A light and airy women's distressed crop top to add a bit of ~edginess~ to your wardrobe.

    9. A sustainable men's soft-spun crewneck T-shirt from Pact made with super-lightweight organic cotton for you to wear alone or layer under your fave flannel when it's chilly.

    Model wearing black shirt by itself and with a green jacket

    10. A women's silky-soft fitted crew tee that's already preshrunk so you won't need to worry about accidentally making it three times smaller than it's supposed to be.

    11. A men's black long-sleeve T-shirt (with a pocket!) in long and tall sizes for anyone who knows the struggle of finding a shirt that's comfy *and* actually fits well.

    Image of men's black long-sleeve t-shirt

    12. A women's plus-size scoop-neck black T-shirt boasting a flowy hemline to pair with your fave pair of leggings because comfy fashion > any other kind of fashion.

    13. A timeless women's petite crewneck sweater tee from Ann Taylor you could dress up or down and still have it look stylish.

    Model wearing black sweater tee

    14. A classic men's Mack Weldon men's black T-shirt with a soft and slim fit you'll love so much you won't even mind wearing it on a scorching summer day.

    15. A men's quick-drying Under Armour black T-shirt you'll never have to worry about having visible pit stains in.

    16. A fitted women's black V-neck T-shirt so your collarbones can enjoy some fresh air and breathe throughout the day (and so can you, courtesy of its lightweight modal-cotton fabric).

    17. A four-pack of men's Hanes black T-shirts for anyone who just wants to make one easy purchase and have four shirts show up at their doorstep.

    18. A women's plus-size scoop-collar tee to wear with anything, anywhere, anytime, because that's the beauty of a black T-shirt, folks.

    19. A comfortable men's black V-neck T-shirt from Everlane made with organic cotton destined to be your go-to wardrobe staple.

    20. A stretchy women's Hanes black T-shirt featuring stylish 3/4 sleeves and a wide neckline just begging to be layered with a cute vest.

    21. A men's "Tall Beefy" Hanes black T-shirt designed to be 3 inches longer than the average size so you'll finally own a shirt that won't ride up all day.

    Model wearing black crewneck tee

    22. A women's plus-size black V-neck T-shirt for you to wear as-is or get crafty and add a cute decal to.

    23. A men's slim-fit premium-weight black T-shirt from Everlane with a 365-day guarantee promising it won't tear or fade, so you *know* it's top-notch quality.

    24. A men's black Carhartt pocket T-shirt designed to keep up with your lifestyle, whether that means getting physically rigorous work done or just enjoying some much-needed YOU time in front of the TV.

    25. A women's Pima cotton V-neck T-shirt from Bombas that'll never pill, have annoying seams, or be too heavy or too light – this one is *just* right.

    26. An Ash & Erie men's black V-neck tee that *might* just be your new favorite article of clothing if you're 5'8" or under. No more awkwardly long T-shirts!

    27. A versatile women's short-sleeve crew tee to wear during your workouts, to nice dinners, while you're sleeping, on trips, and while you're just out there living your best life.

    28. An L.L. Bean crewneck tee that might look like your average black shirt, but it's actually proven to be unshrinkable and won't wrinkle, stain, fade, or pill. So yeah, it's *kind of* a big deal.

    Image of black t-shirt on white background

    29. A men's quick-drying black short-sleeved tee from Lululemon ingeniously designed with anti-stink technology for those days when sweat is just inevitable.

    When someone asks where the color is in your wardrobe:

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