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51 Times EJ Johnson Gave You Life


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1. When he stole the spotlight in this ad campaign.

Matthias Vriens-McGrath / E! / Via

2. When he made his TMZ debut.

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TMZ / Via

3. When he joined Instagram

EJ Johnson / Via

4. When he laid down the law.

CBS Television Distribution / Via

5. And let us all know where he stands.

6. When he quoted Real Housewives of Atlanta.

Quote of the day: don't come for me unless I send for you

— EJ Johnson (@prince_ej) October 28, 2013

7. When he got "so nasty and so rude" with NeNe Leakes.

EJ Johnson / Via

8. When he out-twirled Kenya "Gone With The Wind Fabulous" Moore.

9. When he posed like this by a pool.

OUT / Via

10. Then like this.

OUT / Via

11. When he wore this on a tennis court.

EJ Johnson / Via

12. When he took us to church.

13. When he asked for an extra Bible.

14. When he fangirled for Scandal.

Anyone watching @ScandalABC? Another #obsession.

— EJ Johnson (@prince_ej) April 4, 2014

15. When he made a Bad Girls Club reference.

16. When he served this evil queen/black swan look.

EJ Johnson / Via

17. When he rolled his eyes like this.

18. When he made this face.

19. When he wore a sweater cape on Wendy Williams.

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Debmar-Mercury / Via

20. When he rocked a red kaftan and pearls.

21. When he cryptically tweeted this.

Let me put down the prada lets go!

— EJ Johnson (@prince_ej) March 17, 2014

22. When he declared it "mommy and me" day ... with his purse.

EJ Johnson / Via

23. When he confessed this.

24. When he had to take a break from walking in heels.

EJ Johnson / Via

25. When he wore a gold sequin blazer on Bethenny.

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Telepictures. / Via

26. When he name dropped Star Jones.

27. When he gave us this life advice.

28. When he got inspirational.

Stuntin' is a habit bitches #TeamThis

— EJ Johnson (@prince_ej) July 28, 2014

29. When he became a Joan Ranger.

EJ Johnson / Via

30. When he threatened to unfollow all of us.

31. When he coordinated jerseys with his sister.

EJ Johnson / Via

32. When he discussed fatherhood.

33. When he hung out with Beyoncé's mom.

EJ Johnson / Via

34. When he crowned himself.

35. When he crowned himself again.

EJ Johnson / Via

36. When he added an extra "bye" to "Bye, Felicia!"

37. Then made this face.

38. When he gave his co-star this advice.

Nothing fixes a break up like a Birkin boo @dorothywang

— EJ Johnson (@prince_ej) September 8, 2014

39. When he joined in on this toast.

40. When he danced with a bottle of Dom.

41. When he announced his plans for world domination.

2013 was a year that changed my entire life. Come for me 2014 cause my plans for world domination will commence! Happy new year Kisses

— EJ Johnson (@prince_ej) January 1, 2014

42. Then made it happen.

EJ Johnson / Via

43. When he looked very AHS: Coven with Miley.

Andrew Warren / Via

44. When he smized like Tyra.

EJ Johnson / Via

45. When he celebrated marriage equality.

Born and raised in LA now I can get married In LA what a great victory for California. Ill be ring hunting at Harry Winston for the day !

— EJ Johnson (@prince_ej) June 26, 2013

46. When he rocked the vote.

Rock The Vote / Via

47. Then rocked it out with Ireland Baldwin.

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Rock The Vote / Via

48. When he gifted us with this reaction GIF.

49. When he let Paris Hilton into this picture.

EJ Johnson / Via

50. When he had this perfect comeback.

51. When he got this spread in People Magazine.

People Magazine / Via

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