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    51 Times EJ Johnson Gave You Life


    1. When he stole the spotlight in this ad campaign.

    2. When he made his TMZ debut.

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    3. When he joined Instagram

    4. When he laid down the law.

    5. And let us all know where he stands.

    6. When he quoted Real Housewives of Atlanta.

    Quote of the day: don't come for me unless I send for you

    — EJ Johnson (@prince_ej) October 28, 2013

    7. When he got "so nasty and so rude" with NeNe Leakes.

    8. When he out-twirled Kenya "Gone With The Wind Fabulous" Moore.

    9. When he posed like this by a pool.

    10. Then like this.

    11. When he wore this on a tennis court.

    12. When he took us to church.

    13. When he asked for an extra Bible.

    14. When he fangirled for Scandal.

    Anyone watching @ScandalABC? Another #obsession.

    — EJ Johnson (@prince_ej) April 4, 2014

    15. When he made a Bad Girls Club reference.

    16. When he served this evil queen/black swan look.

    17. When he rolled his eyes like this.

    18. When he made this face.

    19. When he wore a sweater cape on Wendy Williams.

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    Debmar-Mercury / Via

    20. When he rocked a red kaftan and pearls.

    21. When he cryptically tweeted this.

    Let me put down the prada lets go!

    — EJ Johnson (@prince_ej) March 17, 2014

    22. When he declared it "mommy and me" day ... with his purse.

    23. When he confessed this.

    24. When he had to take a break from walking in heels.

    25. When he wore a gold sequin blazer on Bethenny.

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    Telepictures. / Via

    26. When he name dropped Star Jones.

    27. When he gave us this life advice.

    28. When he got inspirational.

    Stuntin' is a habit bitches #TeamThis

    — EJ Johnson (@prince_ej) July 28, 2014

    29. When he became a Joan Ranger.

    30. When he threatened to unfollow all of us.

    31. When he coordinated jerseys with his sister.

    32. When he discussed fatherhood.

    33. When he hung out with Beyoncé's mom.

    34. When he crowned himself.

    35. When he crowned himself again.

    36. When he added an extra "bye" to "Bye, Felicia!"

    37. Then made this face.

    38. When he gave his co-star this advice.

    Nothing fixes a break up like a Birkin boo @dorothywang

    — EJ Johnson (@prince_ej) September 8, 2014

    39. When he joined in on this toast.

    40. When he danced with a bottle of Dom.

    41. When he announced his plans for world domination.

    2013 was a year that changed my entire life. Come for me 2014 cause my plans for world domination will commence! Happy new year Kisses

    — EJ Johnson (@prince_ej) January 1, 2014

    42. Then made it happen.

    43. When he looked very AHS: Coven with Miley.

    44. When he smized like Tyra.

    45. When he celebrated marriage equality.

    Born and raised in LA now I can get married In LA what a great victory for California. Ill be ring hunting at Harry Winston for the day !

    — EJ Johnson (@prince_ej) June 26, 2013

    46. When he rocked the vote.

    47. Then rocked it out with Ireland Baldwin.

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    Rock The Vote / Via

    48. When he gifted us with this reaction GIF.

    49. When he let Paris Hilton into this picture.

    50. When he had this perfect comeback.

    51. When he got this spread in People Magazine.