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    This Actor's 20 Robin Williams Impressions Are Unbelievable

    Never had a friend like him.

    Actor Jamie Costa has made a name for himself on Vine with his spot-on celebrity impressions — including those of Robin Williams.

    The South Carolina–based comedian cites Williams, who died last August, as "the man [whose] spark ignited my passion."

    To pay tribute to the comedy legend, Costa strung together 20 different Robin Williams character impressions in one amazing video.

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    "One of my first impressions ever was of Robin," Costa told BuzzFeed. "I've been doing him ever since I saw Mrs. Doubtfire when I was young ... I wanted others to feel what I felt when I watched him ... Each clip within the video tries to capture and re-create what I felt from those movies or shows."

    The two-minute clip features appearances by Mork, of Mork & Mindy.

    Jamie Costsa / Via


    Jamie Costa / Via

    Armand from The Birdcage.

    Jamie Costa / Via Twitter: @CostaJames

    Teddy Roosevelt from the Night at the Museum series.

    Jamie Costa / Via

    And, of course, Mrs. Doubtfire.

    Jamie Costa / Via

    You can check out more of Costa's work on Vine and YouTube, and follow him on Twitter.