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This Teen's Irish Dancing Vines Are Amazing

Watch him work it to "Worth It."

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Meet 16-year-old Owen Luebbers.

Now watch him Irish dance to Fifth Harmony's "Worth It."

"I was literally dancing from the day I could walk," Luebbers told BuzzFeed. "I've been taking formal lessons since I was 5, so I've been dancing officially for 12 years."

Here he is taking on Ariana Grande's "One Last Time."

And Bruno Mars and Mark Ronson's "Uptown Funk."

The Philadelphia teen started posting six-second Irish dance/pop mash-ups to Vine in 2013.

"I wanted to dance to pop music because Irish dance is typically seen as very traditional," Luebbers said. "I wanted to change the way people view it."

So far, he's racked up 27,000 followers and more than 17 million loops.

And he's inspired other Irish dancers to try it, too.

"I realized that most of the popular Vines I had seen weren't really showcasing a talent," Luebbers said. "I felt that I could add a whole new dimension to Vine by Irish dancing."

Britney Spears, Fifth Harmony, and Waka Flocka Flame have all re-posted Luebbers' videos.

Along with being a burgeoning Vine-lebrity, Luebbers is also a star in the Irish dancing world.

He is currently ranked second in the world for Irish dancing in his age group.

You can follow Luebbers' Irish dancing adventures on Vine, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

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