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21 Hair Pics So Real They’ll Have Black Women Crying Laughing

"Hold ya ear."

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1. When your mom could turn any kitchen into a state-of-the-art hair salon.

2. And when being told "hold ya ear" meant life or death.

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3. Having a pack of these to match every outfit you owned.

4. And setting aside an entire day for washing your hair.

Co-wash, wash, condition, detangle, blow dry, flat iron, wrap.
Brianna Holt

Co-wash, wash, condition, detangle, blow dry, flat iron, wrap.


5. Turning any object into an umbrella to avoid getting your hair wet is a skill.

6. Because we know the power of one drop of rain.

7. When using hashtags on Instagram to find a hair stylist is more efficient than a Google search.

Brianna Holt

8. Being the only person who truly knows how long your hair is.


9. And always having to explain to your non-black friends why you can't wash your hair every day.

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10. When you can't find your head scarf and have to decide if you're going to get any sleep tonight.


11. Or when you do have your head scarf and you're definitely getting some sleep tonight.

12. Am I right tho?


13. Holding on to that comb until its last pick.

14. And having a separate toothbrush just for your edges.

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15. Not needing a gym membership.

16. And let's face it, this is the worst:


17. That feeling you get when your phone battery is dying but you still have two hours left under the dryer.


18. And putting on a shower cap after fresh braids feels like:

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19. Having more oils on your dresser than perfumes.

20. Always needing more than the recommended size.

21. And when you come out of your sew-in and FINALLY have 4 inches of new growth.

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