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    15 Types Of Fuckboys That Need To Fucking Stop

    "Hey stranger."

    1. The "I can pull any girl" fuckboy.

    Brianna Holt / Via

    2. The "we don't need a label" fuckboy.

    Via Twitter: @ReIief

    How Sway?

    3. The accusatory fuckboy.

    4. The moocher fuckboy.

    Via Twitter: @SASS_CATCH_EM

    Never pays for dates, always asking you to cover.

    5. The IG thot fuckboy.

    6. The vampire fuckboy.

    Via Twitter: @SLL_21

    During the daytime he is nowhere in sight, but as soon as the sun sets, expect to get a text.

    7. The "send nudes" fuckboy.

    @zero_fucksgirl / Via

    And then cuts you off if you don't.

    8. The frat boy fuckboy.

    9. The emotionally unavailable fuckboy.

    Via Twitter: @Jahhromierome

    Listens to entirely too much rap music. Easily influenced.

    10. The "multiple excuses" fuckboy.

    11. The "doesn't even try to hide that he's a fuckboy" fuckboy.

    12. The fuckboy who posts a long-ass quote under his thirst traps.

    Via Twitter: @NeefFresh

    Just post the half-naked selfie, we don't need a quote from the Bible to go with it.

    13. The entitled fuckboy.

    Via Twitter: @earthlingLean

    I could have another you in a minute.

    14. The "I don't like girls who wear makeup" fuckboy.

    15. And the fuckboy who always comes back around when he sees you're doing well without him.

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