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21 Reasons Dylan And Cole Sprouse Are The Total Package

But really, what more could you want in a man...or men?

Two is better than one, and here's exactly why.

1. They're woke af.

But where is the lie?

2. They offer so much wisdom.

3. They'll be honest about what they want in a girl.

4. They're educated, like, super educated.

5. They put the 'man' in 'man bun.'

Twitter: @ThatManBun

The ultimate thirst trap.

6. They get down to business.

7. They talk dirty — at least on Twitter.

8. And according to Cole — they're packing.

9. They're exploring the field of modeling and photography.

10. They have smiles sent from the orthodontist gods.

11. They're in touch with their feelings.

12. Their love for animals might just be greater than their love for humans.

13. They whip in the kitchen.

14. They dive into different cultures.

15. They have advice for days.

16. They take public transportation just like you and I.

17. They give zero fucks about what anyone thinks.

18. They take Halloween seriously.

19. They can dress themselves.

20. They keep in touch with old friends.

21. And they really just look hot doing literally anything.

No, but honestly, something about this is turning you on.