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Premiere: Charlie Puth And Meghan Trainor Get Down And Dirty In New Video

"Let's Marvin Gaye and get it on."

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"I wanted to make a song that everyone could dance to forever," Puth, a long time fan of Gaye's, tells BuzzFeed Music about his inspiration for the song. "I started tapping my feet and clapping the beat that is now 'Marvin Gaye' -- it was just pure feeling."


"Let's Marvin Gaye and get it on," he sings. The kids perk up.

He continues, "We've got this king size to ourselves/ Don't have to share with no one else/ Don't keep your secrets to yourself/ It's Kama Sutra show n tell."

And the kids start perking up even more. The chaperones begin to get nervous.


"My team and the director Marc Klasfeld came up with the concept," Puth says. "I wanted to make a video of how I always wanted high school to be -- a fun dance with people making out, on the floor, with whipped cream and strawberries.

Watch the new video for Chalie Puth's "Marvin Gaye" featuring Meghan Trainor now, exclusively on BuzzFeed Music.

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