36 Unique Gifts For Music Lovers

    This year, give the music lover in your life something they'll remember.

    1. This Beyonce Venom shirt.

    2. This Madonna Metallica mashup.

    3. This Morrissey Mayhem shirt.

    4. This one is called "Drake Death."

    5. This subtle ode to Guns N' Roses.

    6. An original painting from Texas Punk Legend Tim Kerr.

    7. Or a painting from Chicago artist Derek Erdman, who often looks to musicians as his muse.

    8. Or Ice Cube in an Orioles cap.

    9. One of these 14 books.

    10. Or this wooden media console.

    11. Or these cozy Ol' Dirty Bastard socks.

    12. And these stylish Gucci (Mane) socks

    13. These spiffy Morrissey sweaters.

    14. Or this one from Shredders Apparel, which reimagines what Moz would look like in the OG Bones Brigade logo.

    15. How about an Omnichord?

    16. This drawing of Lorde from artist Libby VanderPloeg's "Style Icon" series.

    17. Or this one of Blondie singer Debbie Harry.

    18. Or this one of Dolly Parton.

    19. Or a Dolly Parton pinball machine.

    20. This Taylor Swift "Blank Space" stitch.

    21. Or this Beyonce "Drunk In Love" stitch.

    22. A Tribe Called Quest sweater from Shredders Apparel.

    23. Or "Red, White, and Wu" sweater, also by Shredders.

    24. A nice bottle of wine from Gerald Casle's (DEVO) vineyard.

    25. Nicki Minaj Moscato

    26. Or maybe George Jones coffee.

    27. Drink it all in a George Jones "White Lightning" flask.

    28. Or this ZZ Top Tres Hombres gatefold coffee mug.

    29. These buttons from Pork magazine

    Those Diamond Dave buttons tho...

    30. This A-Trak mystery box

    The box features three tees (or tanks) from the one-time Kanye DJ, now head of Fools Gold Records, plus a surprise to top it all off. What could it be?

    31. Do you even have a Skrillex iPhone case, bro?!

    32. This super fancy Jimmy Page "Fine Art Photographic Print: Deluxe Portfolio Boxset."

    33. Some very expensive photos of musicians from the John Varvatos store?

    34. How about a Metallica hockey puck?

    35. A Sun Records patch.

    36. This Johnny Cash "Cry, Cry, Cry" onesie.