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    36 Unique Gifts For Music Lovers

    This year, give the music lover in your life something they'll remember.

    1. This Beyonce Venom shirt.

    The shirt imagines a flawless "I Woke Up Like This" Beyonce inside British heavy metal band Venom's logo. It's by Houston, Texas, clothier/design company Sex & Death. Most of their shirts are can't-miss, and mesh something bubbly and pop with something harder edged. For instance...

    2. This Madonna Metallica mashup.

    3. This Morrissey Mayhem shirt.

    4. This one is called "Drake Death."

    But even the Sex & Death shirts that don't cram together disparate elements look great. Like...

    5. This subtle ode to Guns N' Roses.

    If the music lover in your life has plenty of tees already, you could buy them...

    6. An original painting from Texas Punk Legend Tim Kerr.

    Tim Kerr was in the Big Boys (among other big-deal Lone Star State bands), who are so integral to punk and Texas punk in particular that they're getting the documentary treatment soon. Kerr is an artist and record producer. His resume is long, and his paintings are truly something. You may recognize him from Dave Grohl's Sonic Highways, where he figured prominently in the Austin episode. You can buy his paintings and prints here.

    7. Or a painting from Chicago artist Derek Erdman, who often looks to musicians as his muse.

    You can take a poke around his website for a painting or print you like, or commission him to do something specific to your tastes. He'll paint most anything. Even Ice Cube in a Celtics hat.

    8. Or Ice Cube in an Orioles cap.

    No room on your walls? How about...

    9. One of these 14 books.

    10. Or this wooden media console.

    There are quite a few cool vinyl storage ideas at Urban Outfitters.

    11. Or these cozy Ol' Dirty Bastard socks.

    12. And these stylish Gucci (Mane) socks

    You've got to appreciate the detail in the ice cream face tattoo.

    13. These spiffy Morrissey sweaters.

    14. Or this one from Shredders Apparel, which reimagines what Moz would look like in the OG Bones Brigade logo.

    15. How about an Omnichord?

    What's that? It's an electronic instrument introduced by Suzuki in 1981. "The most basic method of playing the instrument is to press the chord buttons and swipe the touch plate with a finger or guitar pick in imitation of strumming a stringed instrument," says the Omnichord Wiki. It's easy to play (or fake playing), and it has a unique sound. (Peep this old instructional video for tips.) Notable users include Natalie Maines of Dixie Chicks, Brian Eno, Joni Mitchell, and Mark Mothersbaugh of DEVO. Omnichords are all over eBay at various price points.

    Too involved? Maybe try...

    16. This drawing of Lorde from artist Libby VanderPloeg's "Style Icon" series.

    17. Or this one of Blondie singer Debbie Harry.

    18. Or this one of Dolly Parton.

    19. Or a Dolly Parton pinball machine.

    It's on eBay right now for the completely reasonable "Buy It Now" price os $2,995. It's restored to all its 1978 glory.

    20. This Taylor Swift "Blank Space" stitch.

    21. Or this Beyonce "Drunk In Love" stitch.

    22. A Tribe Called Quest sweater from Shredders Apparel.

    23. Or "Red, White, and Wu" sweater, also by Shredders.

    But maybe the music lover in your life already has plenty of sweaters. In which case maybe get them...

    24. A nice bottle of wine from Gerald Casle's (DEVO) vineyard.

    He owns a vineyard called Fifty By Fifty. They're serious about their grapes. But if you're looking for something sweeter maybe try...

    26. Or maybe George Jones coffee.

    27. Drink it all in a George Jones "White Lightning" flask.

    Also on his site.

    28. Or this ZZ Top Tres Hombres gatefold coffee mug.

    29. These buttons from Pork magazine

    Those Diamond Dave buttons tho...

    30. This A-Trak mystery box

    The box features three tees (or tanks) from the one-time Kanye DJ, now head of Fools Gold Records, plus a surprise to top it all off. What could it be?

    31. Do you even have a Skrillex iPhone case, bro?!

    You can find them here for cheap. If you're feeling generous and looking to spend a lot, though, we recommend...

    32. This super fancy Jimmy Page "Fine Art Photographic Print: Deluxe Portfolio Boxset."

    It's only $10,000. But wait! From Jimmy's website: "Only 10 Deluxe Portfolio Boxsets have been produced, containing all five Fine Art Photographic Prints in a hand-made midnight blue, linen-upholstered archival presentation box, featuring a gold foil embossed 'JP' logo lid, black, acid free inner-lining and a special Certificate of Authenticity signed by Jimmy Page. Boxset I contains the number 1/50 of each print; Boxset II contains 2/50 of each print and so forth."

    See, now you're totally buying one. While you're on a spending spree, how about you pick up...

    33. Some very expensive photos of musicians from the John Varvatos store?

    $350 - $3,500. Your friends would love one of these!

    34. How about a Metallica hockey puck?

    It says "Puck You." Get it? Metallica!

    35. A Sun Records patch.

    You can pick one of these up through Johnny Cash's website. While you're there, pick up...

    36. This Johnny Cash "Cry, Cry, Cry" onesie.

    Happy holidays and happy shopping! Now put your baby in this onesie, grab your Omnichord, pour yourself a glass of Moscato and kick your feet up!