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    Millennials And Gen X’ers, These Photos May Feel Like Just Yesterday, But They’re All Actually From Three Decades Ago

    If you recognize these photos you probably need a retinol night cream and good comfy shoes.

    1. If you've ever dreamed of having a phone that looked like this:

    clear, corded phone

    2. If you've ever gotten a Happy Meal to get these toys:

    the muppets

    3. If you've ever gotten nightmares thanks to Zeke the Plummer:

    man dressed up with a creepy mask

    4. If you've ever shopped at The Disney Store and got this bag and then saved it 'cause it was too cool to toss:

    Goofy on a Disney Store bag

    5. If you've ever deep-down thought that you could beat the Double Dare obstacle course:

    teen running inside a large hamster wheel

    6. If these two made you learn about math without you even knowing it:

    two people showing off their badge

    7. If you've ever used one of these to rewind a VHS tape:

    VHS rewinder shaped as a car

    8. If you've ever looked through a Disney Adventures magazine while at the checkout stand with your parents:

    Disney Adventure magazine with Dinosaurs on the cover

    9. If you remember CDs that came packaged in wasteful, long boxes:

    Beverly Hills 90210 soundtrack in long box

    10. And if you remember cassette singles:

    rows of cassettes

    11. If you've ever crawled on your hands and knees on this carpet and then not even bothered to wash your hands afterwards:

    carpet at chuck e cheese

    12. If you've ever eaten a cookie out of a jar that looked like this:

    goose cookie jar

    13. If you remember when this would've been a truly chic kitchen:

    kitchen with a peninsula breakfast bar

    14. If you've ever struggled to watch something on one of these blurry big-screen TVs:

    large box tv

    15. If you remember Barbie trying to be hip with kids by trying out a short-lived and very embarrassing career as a rap star:

    View this video on YouTube


    16. If you know what this is for:

    tape adaptor for an ipod in the car

    17. And if you know Howie Mandel from this cartoon:

    howie in a cartoon

    18. If you knew that Saturday morning cartoon time was over as soon as Tony Little's Ab Isolator...

    Screenshot of Tony helping someone do ab exercises

    19. ...and Susan Powter's "Stop the Insanity!" informercials came on:

    woman with her hands on her head

    20. If you've ever looked up a number in one of these (or even know what it is):

    cards on a rolodex

    21. If you've ever seen a bootleg Simpsons T-shirt and wondered why it looked badly drawn and had themes that made no sense:

    T-shirt of Raphael Ninja Turtle and Bart fighting

    22. If you've ever walked into a Warner Bros. Studio Store:

    superheros as the store decor

    23. If you've ever woken up in the middle of the night with one of these square radio alarm clocks flashing red or green lights on your face:

    A white Sony Dream Machine radio alarm clock

    24. If you've ever said, "Sit Ubu, sit!... Good Dog!"

    dog with a frisbee

    25. If you've ever known you were in for a treat whenever this logo popped onto your screen:

    family home entertainment

    26. If you've ever had the Chicken Tonight jingle stuck in your head:

    View this video on YouTube

    Chicken Tonight/ travisdoucettemusic/

    27. If you've ever gotten up early on Sunday to read the Sunday comics:

    little girl reading the comics

    28. If you've ever read the black-and-white ads/synopsis inside TV Guide so that you knew what those week's episodes would be about:

    CBS Television advertisement as appeared in the October 23, 1993 issue of TV Guide magazine

    29. If you've ever gotten Geoffrey dollars (or wanted to):

    fake money

    30. If you've ever known better than to open this cabinet and touch anything inside:

    glass entertainment center

    31. If these videos were your original YouTube:

    disney sing a longs

    32. And if this show was the original way you watched viral videos:

    talk soup host

    33. If you've ever eaten a Ding Dong that came wrapped in foil:

    chocolate dessert in foil

    34. If you've ever lost your shit over a TGIF crossover:

    characters from different shows posing together

    35. And lastly, if you've ever lost your shit because you got one of these at school for doing a good job:

    scented stickers