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    12 Entertainment Weekly Covers That Immortalized 1993 In Pop Culture

    Looking back to 20 years ago, at what really mattered to us then.

    1. Mark Walhberg was a rapping "boy toy."

    2. Jean-Claude Van Damme decided it was time to be taken seriously.

    3. We couldn't believe what Liza Minnelli did...oh, wait.


    4. Tom Hanks was finally a leading man. Also, we apparently were already trying to bring back the '80s.

    5. We tried to figure out the success behind that cult hit show Seinfeld.


    6. Shannen Doherty was trying to give her career a makeover. I think step one was leaving Beverly Hills, 90210

    7. We wondered why Jason Patric wasn't a star yet. That question still keeps me up a night.

    8. Couldn't wait to see those summer blockbusters Made in America and Coneheads.


    9. The nice host from America's Got Talent was the scariest man in show businesses.


    10. It was all about Full House of course! And also Sharon Stone sex scenes.


    11. It was the end of Michael J. Fox's career. Whatever happened to that guy?


    12. The hot and sexy dog from Fraiser.

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