17 Pop Culture Moments From October 2007 That You Might Have Forgotten About

    Yes, all these things happened a decade ago this month!

    1. J.K. Rowling announced that Dumbledore was gay.

    2. Miley Cyrus kicked off her Best of Both Worlds Tour.

    3. The media began reporting that J.Lo was pregnant with twins!

    4. Ellen was embroiled in "Iggy Gate."

    5. Drew Carey replaced Bob Barker as the host of The Price is Right.

    6. Stephen Colbert released his satirical book, I Am America (And So Can You!).

    7. Soulja Boy had the No. 1 song in the country with "Crank That (Soulja Boy)."

    8. Beyoncé released her own branded phone, the B-Phone, in partnership with Samsung.

    9. Gyllenspoon was still going strong. The two also did press for the film they met on, Rendition.

    10. Lance Armstrong and Ashley Olsen were rumored to be dating.

    11. The Hills was in the middle of its third season and the cast was all over the tabloids.

    12. Ryan Gosling and Peter Jackson got into a low-key fight after Ryan either left or was fired from Peter's film, Lovely Bones, one day before shooting was to begin.

    13. David Beckham finished his first season with the LA Galaxy.

    14. The Office was one of the biggest shows on television and was just starting its fourth season.

    15. SNL's Digital Short "People Getting Punched Just Before Eating" was a popular viral video (that you probably got emailed to you with the subject line "watch this, it's so funny").

    16. Wizards of Waverly Place premiered on Disney Channel.

    17. And finally, Britney Spears released her iconic album, Blackout.