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    People Are Sharing The Worst Purchases They Ever Made, And Yes, Some Terrible Mistakes Were Made

    "Bought a college textbook only to find it online like a day later."

    All of us at some point in our lives have bought something only to realize soon after that it was a terrible purchase and we basically just threw our money away (whether it was a lot of money or just a little bit).

    And I recently came across this Reddit thread from several years ago, where the redditor — who has since deleted their account — asked, "What is the worst purchase you ever made?"

    Well, lots of people chimed in to share the worst thing they ever bought. And here are some of the best comments:

    1. "I paid a random website £10 for the secrets to become a millionaire. I received a PDF with instructions on how to build a website to get £10 from people who wanted the secrets to becoming a millionaire."


    2. "When I was 16 years old and gullible, I answered an ad in the paper and paid $250 to become an actor. They never ever called me and I was too embarrassed to tell anyone."


    3. "My dad purchased a Blockbuster membership for $20 back in 2009, and the next month our town's only Blockbuster closed."


    4. "My VCR/DVD died and I looked up the service manual online. I found a single page PDF with technical specifications and an official link to purchase what I thought was the full service manual. I paid $16 to get the same page shipped to me that I had already found online."


    5. "I discovered some really good yogurt-covered peanuts and temporarily went insane. I went online and bought a bag of $15 yogurt-covered peanuts. They tasted like s**t. Only ate one out of a bag of like, 500."


    6. "I got some of those shape-up shoes many years ago. They were like $100 and I had very high expectations of getting toned legs and losing a few pounds. Made the mistake of wearing them to work, tripped and sprained my ankle. Also, they're ugly and uncomfortable. They sit in my closet to this day and laugh at me for falling for the hype."


    7. "I bought 3 lbs of Starburst candies from Amazon. I ate them for a few days but I’ve had 2.5 lbs of Starbursts in my cabinet for about two years now."


    8. "Ordered a four-foot plush alligator. Was gonna use it instead of a body pillow. When it came in it was bigger than my bed. Now I regret this decision, lol."


    9. "I bought some strawberry flavored numbing lube from Spencer's for my first date after coming out. Out of curiosity, I licked a bit of it to see if it actually tasted like strawberries; my entire mouth went numb. That should have been enough of a warning, but I was young and stupid."


    10. "A Zune. Pretty sure someone at Best Buy won a bet because of me."


    11. "When I was 11, I went on a holiday to the Gold Coast with my family. I had $220 spending money that I had saved from chores and birthday money. I stupidly spent $125 on the first night on disco sun glasses that lit up like I was at a rave. Two hours later, I had the worst headache because of the strobing lights and put them in my pocket for a little while. Later they broke in my pocket when I tripped over my shoelace."


    12. "Bought a college textbook only to find it online like a day later."


    13. "When I was about 6 and my sister was maybe 8, we saw this commercial for Power Dog Pizza. It was such a cool commercial. Some cool dog doing flips on his skateboard or whatever. So when we saw it in the freezer section of the grocery store we BEGGED my mom to buy it for dinner that night. She told us it wouldn’t be very good and that commercials just try to convince you to buy stuff, but we didn’t listen and eventually she relented. We got home, made our little pizzas in the oven and sat down to eat. It was literally the grossest pizza I’ve ever had in my life."

    "It’s a running joke in our family whenever somebody wants something because they heard it was good. Also, whenever someone doesn’t listen to my mom."


    14. "I accidentally bought really, really expensive wood for slats in my son's bed. I didn't realize that the price for the pieces I got were by the foot, not for the entire piece. I thought I was going to spend $30/$40, but instead it was $120. I started crying at the cash register (I might have also been hungry), and I feel so badly for the lady who rang me up. I had them all specially cut so I had to pay for them, and the guy doing the cutting didn't say anything about the way the pricing worked. I felt (and still do) like such an idiot!"


    15. "I had a summer job in high school and saved all my money from it. Instead of spending it on clothes or CDs, I bought a powerless treadmill. I had this idea I would get really good at running on it and do really well in spring track. It was just uncomfortable to use and noisy."


    16. "Bought a computer for college. Bought the anti-virus software for $100. Had to immediately delete the software to connect to the school's internet."


    17. "When I went to give my fiancée an engagement ring, I also got her a gold bracelet. It was around $150, and would be worth $1k now. While shopping, she stuck her hand in a pile of scarves and it fell off, gone forever. She had it for less than 12 hours."


    18. "Buying a ticket to see Fifty Shades Darker."


    19. "When I was in college, this guy was selling a REALLY nice telescope (for you astro-nerds, a 10" Newtonian reflector!) for $200. Normally I'd expect it to be $800-plus. So I bought it! Which is fine, except I lived in a second-floor studio apartment, I weighed 140 pounds, and the telescope weighed 120. It also didn't really fit in my car. Or my apartment."


    20. And lastly: "I bought a tent for my cat. It was $60 and my cat is terrified of it."


    You can read the full thread of responses on Reddit.

    Note: Some responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.