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    18 Tweets That Anyone Who Is Single AF Will Find Hilariously Relatable

    "I literally 7th wheeled tonight y'all. SEVENTH WHEELED."

    1. When any type of human contact starts to count:

    2. When you're alone, but still bringing something with you into bed:

    3. When you're just looking for a little company:

    4. When you have to find new and creative ways to pass the time:

    I just spent the last half hour setting videos of my cats to show tunes on snapchat #foreveralone #singleAF…

    5. When everyone is texting their S.O. and you feel left out:

    6. When you're your own bae and have to make sure you treat yourself:

    7. When you start redefining the term "date":

    8. When you're all about some self-care:

    9. When your parents keep finding new ways to bring up the fact that you're single:

    10. When you're scrolling through Facebook and everyone seems to be miles ahead of you:

    11. And you're not about to try to catch up:

    12. When you realize you're basically dating the delivery guy:

    13. When see a couple fight and have a brief moment of relief:

    14. When you're literally the ONLY single person in your friend group:

    15. When you're filling out important paper work and wish there was more than two options:

    16. When you've gone through all the major dating apps and start looking at secondary ones:

    17. When you start scrolling through Instagram on Halloween:

    18. And finally, when you leave it all to chance and hope that your taste in Disney Princesses will bring you luck: