Whoa! There Was A “Blossom” Cast Reunion

Warning: Warm nostalgic feelings ahead!

1. This morning Mayim Bialik (aka mother-f’ing BLOSSOM) tweeted a out a pic of this reunion with her former Blossom co-stars, Mike Stoyanov, Jenna von Oÿ, and Joey Lawrence.

2. The reunion was to promote the series’ return to TV. Reruns of Blossom will begin airing on ’90s kids nostalgia network, HUB, starting July 7th.

3. Sadly, there was one thing missing from this happy reunion: BLOSSOM’S HATS!





Seriously, this is almost not a full reunion without the hats.

4. Also, no word if Joey Lawrence broke out into a rendition of “Nothing My Love Can’t Fix”:

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