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What Iconic '90s Teen Heartthrobs Look Like Today

The golden era of middle parts and frosted tips.

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1. Jonathan Taylor Thomas

Then: Was EVERYWHERE in the late '90s. You couldn't escape him.

Now: Could release an album titled Me. I Am JTT... The Elusive Thespian, ’cause he has basically left the public's eye (the "now" photo is from 2013).

2. Joshua Jackson

Then: Stole your heart as Pacey on Dawson's Creek.

Now: Currently starring on Showtime's The Affair, which is also probably the title of the fantasy you're having about Joshua right now.


3. Hanson

Then: Were literally a bunch of kids.

Now: Are currently embarking on a tour in honor of the band's 25th anniversary and the 20th anniversary of their album Middle of Nowhere. (I'm sure you sprouted a gray hair just reading that.)



OMG! In a previous version of this post we misspelled Freddie Prinze Jr.'s name.


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