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    What Would "Frozen" Look Like If Tim Burton Made It?

    Artist Yoko answers the question.

    1. Elsa looks terrified at the idea of building a snowman with Anna.

    2. Anna doesn't just look tired, she looks HUNGOVER.

    3. Anna and the two-faced Hans.

    4. Elsa singing "Let It Go."

    エルサ #ティムバ風

    5. Olaf, Sven, and the Trolls look more quirky than usual.

    アナ雪 #ティムバ風

    6. Kristoff and Anna sharing a moment.

    アナ雪で #ティムバ風

    7. Awwww, Anna and Elsa.

    Check out more of Yoko's art on Tumblr.