Were You A Teen In The Early ’00s?

Can you prove you lived through the most fetch time to be a teen: the early ’00s?!

Chris Ritter for BuzzFeed
    1. Fox Television
      Never missing an episode of this classic.
    2. Via mtv.com
      Being excited whenever MTV did this.
    1. Downloading all your favorite tracks from LimeWire or Kazaa.
    2. Burning the perfect mix CD for every occasion.
    1. And then carrying around all of your CDs in an organizer.
    2. The nauseating smell of Abercrombie & Fitch cologne.
    1. The nauseating smell of an Abercrombie & Fitch store.
    2. The little joy you got from beating a level on Snake.
    1. Quoting the Dell Guy: “Dude, you’re getting a Dell.”
    2. The stress of adjusting your MySpace Top 8.
    1. Being friends with Tom.
    2. Getting your favorite college tees from Steve & Barry’s.
    1. Spilling your soul on LiveJournal.
    2. Spilling your soul on DeadJournal.
    1. Rating complete strangers on Hot or Not.
    2. Willa Ford.
    1. Rocking a pair of leather “dress” sneakers.
    2. Rocking platform flip-flops.
    1. MTV
      This was must-see TV.
    2. Paramount Television
      This was must-see TV — for your parents.
    1. Catching up on all the latest gossip via IM.
    2. Entertaining yourself by talking to SmarterChild.
    1. The ultimate status symbol sweatsuit: Juicy Couture.
    2. The ultimate status symbol jewelry: Tiffany & Co. charm necklace.
    1. Visible thongs.
    2. The smell Calgon body mist.
    1. Light-colored tinted sunglasses.
    2. HBO
      Wearing giant flower pins because you thought you were Carrie Bradshaw.
    1. Via b93.net
      Using the TV Guide Channel to find out what was on.
    2. The workout you got from this.
    1. Justin Timberlake’s iconic first solo “Rolling Stone” cover.
    2. Sum 41.
    1. Crunk cups.
    2. Apple
      This iPod ad campaign.
    1. That this was the best site to chronicle your trip to the mall.
    2. Chris Weeks/ Hulton Archive
      The importance of frosted tips.
    1. Cramming as many CDs as you could into your CD visor.
    2. Sony BMG
      Learning all the words to Ja Rule duet songs.
    1. Louis Vuitton’s Murakami bags.
    2. Dooney & Bourke bags (the poor man’s Louis Vuitton).
    1. Chinese slippers and the weird sound they made whenever you walked in them.
    2. MTV
      Madonna and Britney’s infamous VMA kiss.
    1. Paramount Pictures
      “Vote for Pedro” T-shirts.
    2. Sony Music
      The chorus to Crazy Town’s “Butterfly”: “Come, my lady / Come, come, my lady / You’re my butterfly, sugar, baby.”
    1. MTV
      That “Clone High” was an underrated gem.
    2. Via ecover.to
      Learning the awesome moves in “Darrin’s Dance Grooves.”
    1. ABC
      Using the phrase “Is that your final answer?”
    2. Using the phrase “You are the weakest link, GOOD-BYE!”
    1. Scott Gries/ Hulton Archive
      J.Lo’s iconic Grammy fashion moment.
    2. Von Dutch trucker hats.
    1. The Motorola Razr: The sleekest phone ever!
    2. How cool and stylish you felt in distressed bootcut jeans.
    1. That there was no better time for Xtina than her “Dirrty”-era.
    2. MTV
      Saying, “This is where the magic happens” every time you walked into your bedroom.
    1. CTV
      Relating to “Degrassi.”
    2. Relating to “Thirteen.”
    1. Wearing white belts with EVERYTHING.
    2. Wearing a puka shell necklace with EVERYTHING.
    1. Being a little to old to have a Razor scooter.
    2. Being maybe a little too old to wear Heelys.
    1. Listening to this album over and over again.
    2. Evan Agostini / Getty Images Entertainment
      Ryan Cabrera.
    1. Scott Gries / Getty Images Entertainment
      Catching up with your favorite celebs on “TRL.”
    2. Kevin Winter / Getty Images Entertainment
      Catching up on your celeb gossip on Perez Hilton.
    1. Wearing “Jesus Is My Homeboy” T-shirts.”
    2. Baggy camo cargo shorts.
    1. Sipping on the deliciousness that was this.
    2. Flipping through the latest issue of this.
    1. Fox
      Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie.
    2. When MTV used to world premiere music videos after “Making the Video.”
    1. Frank Micelotta / Getty Images
    2. MTV
      Feeling betrayed when Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson broke up.
    1. Universal Music
      Imitating Shaggy’s voice and saying, “It wasn’t me!”
    2. Bravo
      Calling someone a “metrosexual.”
    1. Decking out your Nokia 5110/5165 with the perfect face cover.
    2. Warner Music Group
      Singing along (and probably crying) to Vitamin C’s “Graduation (Friends Forever)” at your graduation.
    1. Paul Frank T-shirts.
    2. State T-shirts with sexual innuendos.
    1. Secretly watching Disney Channel Original Movies.
    2. Usher’s “Confessions” was your go-to party album.
    1. Sporting a Livestrong bracelet — ‘cause you CARED.
    2. Uggs (especially worn with either denim skirts or cutoffs).
    1. Sony
      Knowing what “shake it like a Polaroid picture” means.
    2. Disposable cameras were the only way to take selfies and photos with your friends.
    1. Via Simon Cobb Getty Images Entertainment
      Ashlee Simpson’s old face.
    2. Cringing while watching the stunts performed on “Jackass.”
    1. Thinking Simple Plan was punk.
    2. Thinking Avril Lavigne was a badass.
    1. Layered polos with popped collars.
    2. MTV
      That the “Chappelle’s Show” was the funniest show on TV.
    1. Listening to this album over and over.
    2. Roxy clothing.
    1. Scott Gries / Getty Images Entertainment
    2. New Line Cinema
      That there was no greater to love story than “The Notebook.”
    1. Amanda Edwards / Getty Images
      Super low “hip huggers” jeans.
    2. MTV
      Laughing at Justin Timberlake when he cried on “Punk’d.”
    1. Via ebay.com
      Chunky skate shoes.
    2. Fox
      Spiky gelled hair.
    1. Creating a Sim family and naming a character after your crush.
    2. Wanting a iPod Mini just because of the cool colors.
    1. Kevin Winter / Getty Images Entertainment
      Loving the over-the-top relationship that was “Bennifer.”
    2. Gareth Cattermole / Getty Images
      Getting super excited to read the new Harry Potter book.
    1. Cool kids that wore “Free Winona” T-shirts.
    2. Kitson
      Wanting either a “Team Jolie” or “Team Aniston” T-shirt from Kitson.
    1. MTV
      Getting a peek into the world of favorite celebrity on “MTV Diary.” ‘Cause, “You think you know… but you have no idea.”
    2. Sony Music
      Jamming all summer to “Crazy in Love.”
    1. Via nrc.nl
      T-Mobile Sidekicks.
    2. The WORK that went into changing your AIM profile and away message.
    1. Via Universal Music
      Totally relating to the music video for Jimmy Eat World’s “The Middle.”
    2. Sony Music
      Hoping they would play R. Kelly’s “Ignition (Remix)” at your school dance.
    1. Frazer Harrison / Getty Images
      Mischa Barton was a fashion icon.
    2. The Strokes.
    1. Scott Gries / Getty Images
    2. Universal Music
      Replacing the “er” sound at the end of a word with the suffix “-urr.”
    1. Wearing bedazzled bandanas (so blingy).
    2. Low-rise jeans with no back pockets (faded, of course).
    1. American Apparel’s “Salt and Pepper” hoody.
    2. The bitter yet addictive taste of Altoids Sours.
    1. MTV
      Having a love-hate relationship with “Laguna Beach.”
    2. Quoting all the cheers from “Bring It On.”
    1. The only reason you know so much about the ’70s.
    2. Going to midnight screenings of the newest Harry Potter movie.
    1. You could never have enough graphic tees. NEVER ENOUGH.
    2. Blink-182.
    1. Dave Hogan/ Hulton Archive
      The sense of betrayal you felt when Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears broke up.
    2. Paramount Pictures
      Quoting “Mean Girls.”

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