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We Finally Got Those Death Star-Sized Princess Leia Plot Holes In "Rogue One" Answered

Spoilers about the galaxy far, far away, obviously.

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If you've seen Rogue One, then you know the climactic final two minutes of the film feature not only a terrifying scene with Darth Vader, but also Princess Leia.


In it, she flees with the Death Star plans after a huge battle on the planet of Scarif — which all happens just minutes before the start of A New Hope.


But while her cameo was amazingly cool, many fans of the films were left wondering why Leia was at the Battle of Scarif in the first place.

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After all, earlier in the film, Bail Organa made it clear to Mon Mothma that he was sending her (without naming Leia) to Tatooine to get Obi-Wan to ask him to join the fight.


Well, Lucasfilm's Pablo Hidalgo told The Star Wars Show that Leia was actually there by chance. Originally, because of her importance to the Rebellion, she and the rest of the crew of Tantive IV were supposed to be escorted by Admiral Raddus and his ship, the Profundity, to Tatooine.


However, they were rerouted to Scarif once news of the battle broke. And, as Hidalgo points out, the Profundity was the only warship the Rebellion had — so it had to be there.


Along with that revelation, Hidalgo also answered the other lingering question about Leia: Where was she during the rest of the movie?

Well FTR, she was indeed on Yavin 4, off camera. R2-D2 and C-3PO's cameo and Captain Antilles being called over the loudspeakers were meant to imply her presence on the base.


And duh, of course they obviously didn't show her earlier in the film ’cause they wanted to keep our favorite rebel's cameo a surprise!


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