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    OMG, The Next "James Bond" Movie Is Coming In 2019

    And yes, Daniel Craig will be back.

    So, it's been almost two years since the last Bond movie, Spectre, was released into theaters. And while the movie had a hard time living up to its predecessor, Skyfall, it still offered some classic Bond moments (like that spectacular Día de Muertos intro!!!).

    Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer/ Columbia Pictures

    Following the release of the film, the future of the franchise was left up in the air after Daniel Craig said he was done playing James Bond.

    Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer/ Columbia Pictures

    Well, the good news is Craig is expected to reprise his role as the iconic character for the next Bond movie (the 25th movie in the franchise) — which now has an official release date: Nov. 8, 2019!

    James Bond will return to US cinemas on November 8, 2019 with a traditional earlier release in the UK and the rest…

    And while you're probably thinking, Two and half years is a looong time to wait for the next Bond movie! there is some good news...

    Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer/ Columbia Pictures

    ...The film's producer, Barbara Broccoli, is reportedly working hard to bring Adele back to write and sing the theme song for it!

    XL Records

    She won both an Oscar and a Golden Globe for "Skyfall."

    All I can say is YASS!!! Having that duo back together* is something to get us excited about and will definitely make the two-year wait worth it.


    * Sorry, not sorry, Sam Smith.

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