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    If You're Millennial, Then You're Either Oblivious Or Very Aware Of These 25 Things That We All Tend To Do

    Okay, so we all really do have to — as a generation — stop texting purely in emojis. 🙃

    Recently, I did a post where I rounded up some questions that people had for boomers. Now, like I said in that post, every generation has their own idiosyncrasies. So, I thought it would be only fair to bring it close to home for me and make fun of some the very particular ones that millennials have.

    Here are some of the funniest questions people have asked millennials about why we are the way they are:


    @intersteIler bruh why do millennials always break out into song when they’re upset 😭

    Twitter: @adamkoplik


    Why do millennials put "lol" after every sentence? Why were we trained to do this lol

    Twitter: @yeswecannabliss


    Millennials are starting to sound like boomers getting angry at Gen Z for not liking side parts and skinny jeans. You’re an adult, why do you care if a 15 year old thinks you’re trendy?

    Twitter: @clur19


    why do millennials have to zoom in and out of their face whenever they record a video ranting about something

    Twitter: @2AMCLARK


    why do millennials want to be old so bad

    Twitter: @STlVENV


    Why do Millennials compare everything to Harry Potter lol. Like shut the fuck up

    Twitter: @awkwardtobehold


    bro why do millennials flirt so dry like they’re fully being formal 😭😭

    Twitter: @fleetwoodhalo


    why do millennials think they’re special everyone knows what a vhs tape is buddy sit down

    Twitter: @driwithab


    Why do millennials send dozens of rapid-fire, single-lined, text messages in a row? Write a paragraph FFS. or maybe puck up the phone? I got off my flight to 46 text notifications. Also, GET OFF MY LAWN. 😂

    Twitter: @DCdebbie


    Why do millennials love kombucha that much

    Twitter: @lanadenina


    Why do millennials drink so much? Wonder if it has anything to do with us going to college when Ke$ha, Lil Jon and LMFAO ruled the charts???

    Twitter: @ihatetreclay


    Question from my teenage niece and nephew: "Why do millennials open half their sentences saying, As A Millennial..."

    Twitter: @kristenmeinzer


    Why do millennials make putting a lot of garlic in their food a personality trait

    Twitter: @punkbebe_


    Why do millennials use nouns in the place of verbs? "I can't math" "Englishing is hard today"

    Twitter: @ohjayesimpson


    why do millennials post to their ig close friends like it’s a snap private story

    Twitter: @overtimemegan


    Twitter: @nothinkerdummy


    why do millennials love emojis unironically

    Twitter: @nwilliams030


    why do millennials name their kids like that? who told them that Lakelyn and Emberleigh were good options? @ gen z can we please not continue this shit

    Twitter: @nikjwells


    why do millennials buy vintage furniture just to paint white and a hideous pastel instead of revarnishing the wood???? I’m so angry

    Twitter: @Arae2201


    Why do millennials love podcasts so much??? Lmao

    Twitter: @MaKaylaMaShelle


    no but why do millennials get so hyped abt fall

    Twitter: @y2kyslbabe


    Why do all millennial men type like this…. ellipsis all the time…

    Twitter: @ZEROSUlTSAMUS


    why do millennials care about gen z so much, don’t y’all got jobs

    Twitter: @fructosepapi


    @femcelgirlboss Millennials are weird. Why do they hate gen z so much and why do they have to put their hatred in song every single time.

    Twitter: @PapiBeanz


    why do millennials hate gen z when the boomers remain the biggest threat. stay focused comrades.

    Twitter: @Idyl_rs