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If You Have A Boomer In Your Life, Then You Are Keenly Aware Of These 27 Things They Tend To Do

We all really do need to know why boomers love using ellipsis in text messages instead of periods.

Needless to say, every generation has their own idiosyncrasies, but boomers truly have some of the funniest ones. And if your parents are boomers, then you are probably more than aware of them.

Here are some of the funniest questions people have asked boomers about why they are the way they are:


Why do boomers insist on sending Facebook friend requests to people they don’t actually know?????? A friend of my aunt and uncle’s sent me a friend request after I posted photos from my baby shower and tagged my aunt and uncle. Why do they do this???

Twitter: @leiahuttslayer


Can anyone explain why boomers respond to social media videos or memes you send them with “Who is that? Do you know them?”

Twitter: @notcapnamerica


why do boomers always need to make sure their gift came in the mail? Just let go and let god babe

Twitter: @ElyKreimendahl


Why do boomers talk about less people wanting to have children like we're actively killing people? 🤨

Twitter: @Dominic__Noble


Why do boomers feel it’s appropriate to tell their waitress to smile? What the fuck is that about??

Twitter: @JonDavidSchmig


Why do boomers insist on sitting in the atm drive thru lane with their door open? Like .. just go the fuck inside at that point you’re literally standing there anyways

Twitter: @alexaahhz


'wouldn't do well in a war, would they?' 'in my day we lit candles' why do boomers want life to be bad. is it a kink

Twitter: @joelgolby


If Boomers think Millennials are such worthless morons, why do they download malware like it’s a hobby and then ask us to fix their computers?

Twitter: @DrewbyDoinFunny


I have no idea why Boomers kept telling younger Gen X and older Millennials that we’d get more conservative as we aged. We were radicalized by NEWSIES.

Twitter: @suleikhasnyder


why do boomers food pics always look like someone’s last meal

Twitter: @alex_abads


why do boomers get so pressed about younger people not carrying cash why is that a thing

Twitter: @phragmighty


Why do boomers say “hi this is ___” every time they start talking on zoom babes we can see ur name we know it’s u

Twitter: @Neraksasasa


WHY DO BOOMERS IN BUSINESS INSIST ON PHONE CALLS!? Our back-and-forth emails to coordinate a call is slower than just giving me the information via email fuuuuuuuuuuuuuu-

Twitter: @markh110


why do boomers answer their phone just to say that they have to call you back

Twitter: @checkerhead13


Why do boomers use ellipsis in the most casual texts? It adds a very unwelcome air of menace into an otherwise normal conversation

Twitter: @rayrduffy


why do boomers all have such a strange relationship with capitalization and punctuation

Twitter: @Chelsea_Fagan


why do boomers just let their phones ring loudly in public??? what the fuck is WRONG with these people

Twitter: @Coll3enG


why do boomers think it’s a competition on who’s more tired when u tell them that ur tired loool relax

Twitter: @bignicenergyy


Why do boomers get mad we dont write in cursive or read regular clocks like okay but did ppl get mad when we moved past sundials or rotary phones

Twitter: @peachmilfshake


Why do boomers think offending people is a personality trait lol

Twitter: @aidan_smx


why do boomers criticize our social media use when their content is such trash like no Paula i’m not going to ‘like’ your foot surgery pics

Twitter: @rodeoman


not sure why boomers are still using the “if we raise the minimum wage, workers will be replaced by robots” argument like u guys can’t even order your mcchickens on the giant touchscreen at mcdonalds without screaming for help

Twitter: @notsofiacoppola


How come boomers won’t click to update their system but will click ANY link in an email?

Twitter: @SamHarrisonEmm


why do boomers a group of people who collectively could not open one single pdf all own multiple homes

Twitter: @ymmayer


I will never understand why Boomers make these jokes. They're the ones who decided to give Millennials and Gen Z kids participation trophies in the first place. They were the adults! We didn't award them to OURSELVES. https://t.co/EkETQCimic

Twitter: @leahmarilla


never understood why boomers romanticize drinking from the hose, that water tasted like shit

Twitter: @Bowsnonk


Why do we keep putting baby boomers in charge of things, that generation didn't even know how to cook vegetables

Twitter: @KenJennings