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This "Sexy" Melania Trump Costume Will Make You Say, "Um, Was That Really Necessary?"

This is not making Halloween great again.

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So, just in case you forgot (since this feels like 15 years ago), back in January, first lady Melania Trump wore a memorable powder blue outfit to the inauguration ceremony.

Afp / AFP / Getty Images

The Ralph Lauren skirt suit quickly garnered her comparisons to Jackie Kennedy (who, of course, was known for her chic style).

Drew Angerer / Getty Images

Well, now there is a "sexy" version of the costume out just in time for Halloween.

While the costume isn't explicitly listed as a Melania Trump or first lady costume, it's pretty clear that it's alluding to her. The costume is listed as "Model Wife," which of course is a nod to her modeling past.

Plus, the costume is clearly copying Melania's jacket's very distinct cowl neck. Patrick Smith Getty Images

And, in case you were wondering, this costume is keeping it patriotic and is made in the USA.


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