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    Updated on Jul 5, 2020. Posted on Jul 2, 2020

    19 Tweets That Will Make Every Millennial Feel Like They're 99 Years Old

    TIL Nintendo Wii games are vintage!

    1. When you learn that there is a YA novel based on someone discovering an old TV show that you actually grew up with:

    OMG. This new YA just made me feel so ancient and I love it. Teen heading off to college stumbles upon Felicity, an “old” show, and is inspired by it. I can’t wait to read this. ALSO REMEMBER WHEN FELICITY CUT HER HAIR WHYYYY

    2. When you realize that kids today can't even comprehend how T9 texting works:

    Watchin a movie with Ollie and the girl is textin on a flip phone and he asks me "how do you type on those phones?" 😆 #todayskidswillneverunderstand

    3. When video games from the late '00s are considered "vintage":

    My teenage kids played wii together & had so much fun they want to buy more games. They called the wii games “vintage” , that made me feel old

    4. Or when classic video games are now completely unknown:

    a kid just asked me what my favorite video game was when i was a kid & i said Tony hawk .. he was completely clueless. i feel old as shit

    5. When kids today insinuate that you grew up in the 1700s or something:

    The kids I’m babysitting make me feel so old... they asked me if there were fruit roll ups when I was a kid 😭

    6. And when they don't even know who some TV legends are:

    My kid just asked me “who is Hannah Montana?” and I feel so very old now. 🤦🏼‍♀️

    7. When NSYNC's music isn't even something today's teens know:

    one of our residents heard me listening to NSYNC at the desk and said, "Oh! Is this High School Musical!?" ☹️

    8. And when teens today think that burning a CD is literally tossing it into a fire or something:

    I know I'm old when I talk to teenagers about burning a CD and they actually think I'm literally burning a CD... I'm surprised they don't ask what a CD is

    9. When you have to explain outdated technology to the youth:

    My little cousin asked me "what a VHS was"

    10. When the Killers...

    Mom can you come pick me up, Spotify is playing The Killers on it's Classic Rock station

    11. ...Blink-182, and Weezer are now considered classic rock:

    The classic rock station is playing Blink 182 and Weezer. There's been some kind of mistake.

    12. When a then-brand-new song that was used on American Idol is now played on the oldies station:

    Just heard that “you had a bad day” song play on the radio, on the oldies station, which was upsetting for multiple reasons

    13. When an overhead projector looks so foreign that kids today take wild guesses about what it is:

    i just asked my sister what this is, she said 'record player?' I WAS LAUGHIN TOO HARD SHE WAS YELLING "WHAT? WHAT IS IT? A TV?" yall im done

    14. When you realize kids today can't comprehend what "hanging up the phone" means:

    My daughter just asked why we say "hang up" the phone and now I feel 90.

    15. When kids today don't even associate Keanu Reeves with The Matrix:

    Listening to these kids describe Keanu Reeves as the guy from John Wick and not The Matrix has made me feel super old.

    16. When an old Blockbuster card might as well be an AARP card:

    I got carded at the liquor store. While getting my ID out my Blockbuster card fell out. He laughed and said "Never mind."

    17. When kids today are learning about LimeWire from documentaries:

    I'm officially old. 😭 my sister asked me what "limewire" was cause she heard about it on a documentary. . . A documentary y'all.

    18. When Top 8 and Tom are just things that don't mean anything in this world:

    My son heard me talking about MySpace and was like: "What's that?" Teens today don't know MySpace!!

    19. And finally, everything in this tweet:

    i’m so tired of the DISRESPECT

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