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    Steve Carell Leaving "The Office" Had Nothing To Do With Him Wanting Off The Show

    Yup, we could have had more Michael Scott in our lives!

    It goes without saying that The Office has gone down as not only one of the best TV series of the 2000s, but of all time.

    And one big factor in the success of the show is Steve Carell's brilliant performance as Michael Scott.

    Of course, many Office fans will agree that when Steve left the series at the end of Season 7, the show was never the same.

    At the time many people assumed that the reason Steve left the show was because he had become a big star and that he wanted to pursue other projects. Well it turns out that wasn't the case at all.

    According to the new book, The Office: The Untold Story of the Greatest Sitcom of the 2000s (via Collider), Steve wasn't looking to leave the show at all, and was waiting for NBC to renegotiate his contract.

    In fact, according to Kim Ferry, who was a hairstylist on the show and was interviewed for the book, Steve wanted to stay on the show for a couple more years, saying:

    He didn’t want to leave the show. He had told the network that he was going to sign for another couple of years. He was willing to and his agent was willing to.

    ...And the deadline came for when they were supposed to give him an offer and it passed and they didn’t make him an offer. So his agent was like, "Well, I guess they don’t want to renew you for some reason." Which was insane to me. And to him, I think.

    As Collider points out, there was probably a good reason that Steve's contract wasn't renewed, as the head of NBC at the time, Jeff Zucker, was leaving and replaced by Robert Greenblatt, who reportedly didn't care for The Office and took the show for granted.

    So there you have it, Steve wanted to keep playing Michael Scott and because of circumstances it just didn't happen. Oh, what could've been with him on the show until the end!!!!