60 Pictures Of Childhood Things You Only Got To Experience If You Were A Kid In The Early '90s

    It was a time of neon clothing and scrunchies.

    1. How you heard the urban legend that there was a penis on the cover of The Little Mermaid VHS 'cause it was drawn by a employee.

    2. How you wanted to be BFFs with Macaulay Culkin, 'cause he was the coolest kid around.

    3. Having to watch The Simpsons behind your parents' back because it was "not a show for children" and that Bart was a "bad influence."

    4. But even though you weren't allowed to watch it, you had a ton of Simpsons merch...

    5. ...and listened to The Simpsons Sing the Blues over and over — but, mainly for "Do the Bartman."

    6. Being completely obsessed with ALL THINGS Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

    7. And that Turtles Pies were low-key the best Hostess treats.

    8. Acquiring a ton of McNugget Buddies Happy Meal toys since McDonald's released them several times a year.

    9. Having your parents buy you a Disney Adventures magazine any time you went to the store with them.

    10. Having a bunch of double entendres go way over your head while watching Studs.

    11. Listening to The Bodyguard soundtrack over and over 'cause your mom or older sibling was obsessed with it and would play it non-stop.

    12. Wanting to have a high school experience like the teens on Saved by the Bell...

    13. ...and a college experience like on A Different World.

    14. Thinking you and your friends should start a band like the teens on California Dreams.

    15. Wanting to go to a summer camp as awesome as Camp Anawanna.

    16. Totally relating to Clarissa on a ~deep spiritual level~.

    17. Thinking that Barney was the dumbest and worst thing ever...

    18. ...and that the Sinclairs were the only dinosaurs worth watching on TV.

    19. Owning lots of Urkel merchandise, 'cause you thought he was the most hilarious TV character ever.

    20. Having the Wrigley's Doublemint Chewing Gum jingle...

    21. ...and Chicken Tonight jingle always stuck in your head.

    22. Getting a cassette single when you really wanted the lead single to an album that hadn't been released yet.

    23. Having a CD you got come in a huge box.

    24. Seeing this Rolling Stone cover with Janet Jackson EVERYWHERE.

    25. Being both terrified AF and having your mind blown when you saw Terminator 2: Judgment Day for the first time.

    26. Scrunchies for both everyday and formal wear.

    27. Literally having like only ~seven~ Disney VHS movies you could watch.

    28. Being jealous of the kid at school who got Reebok Pumps for Christmas.

    29. How Lisa Frank was basically "designer" school supplies.

    30. How Barbie's "rapping career" was both sad and embarrassing.

    31. Thinking Grey Poupon was the fanciest thing you could eat.

    32. Watching the Mickey Mouse Club and being totally addicted to the mini-soap-operas they showed.

    33. Being excited on Saturdays 'cause it meant SNICK.

    34. How Eerie Indiana was the scariest kids show ever.

    35. Trying to dance like MC Hammer anytime you heard one of his songs.

    36. Thinking fugly parachute pants were the shit.

    37. How important choosing the right fanny pack was.

    38. Thinking that Batman: The Animated Series was maybe better than the movies.

    39. Trying to convince your parents that a Super Nintendo and a Nintendo were not the same thing (so that you could get an SNES).

    40. Quoting Wayne's World...all the time.

    41. Just how cool Bill Clinton was.

    42. Putting a lot of really stiff gel in your hair and basically having a helmet head.

    43. There always being at least one Hawaiian pizza at every birthday party you went to.

    44. Drinking out of these cups any time you went to a birthday party.

    45. And getting one of these in your goodie bag any time you went to a party.

    46. Running home from school so that you could watch The Disney Afternoon.

    47. Putting on an MTV Party to Go CD any time you wanted to get your groove on.

    48. Only wanting to use clear cassette tapes for mix tapes, 'cause they looked COOL.

    49. Rocking hip-hop Looney Tunes T-shirts.

    50. Rocking Sesame Street T-shirts and sweaters 'cause the "Sesame's Treet" song made the show cool.

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    51. Quenching your thirst with Hi-C Ecto Cooler.

    52. Having Jurassic Park be the first true blockbuster you experienced.

    53. Always thinking, Six feet of bubble gum — for you, not them, whenever you had Bubble Tape.

    54. Being super curious about what exactly (or how graphic) Madonna's Sex book really was.

    55. Not knowing what Speed Racer was when you heard the dirty AF Alpha Team remix of the theme song.

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    56. Having a bunch of Where's Waldo? books just randomly appear on your bookshelf.

    57. Having a mini-stereo with a CD player be your ultimate sound system goals.

    58. Putting these type of water bottles in the freezer so that you could take them to school wrapped in tin foil on hot days.

    59. Totally loving The Sandlot and quoting the hell out of it.

    60. And finally, wanting to go on Family Double Dare 'cause you knew you and your family could totally beat it.