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    Jan 27, 2017

    19 Things '80s Kids Who Grew With Disney Experienced

    And I just can't get enough...Disney Channel free preview weekends.

    1. Going to the Disney Store and running to the back to play with the giant stack of stuffed animals.

    2. Getting the Disney Catalog and circling all the items you wanted — secretly hoping your parents would see it and order them for you.

    3. Watching the Disney Channel on the free preview weekends (if your parents didn't pay for it).

    Disney Channel / Via

    4. Getting Disney Dollars to spend at one of the parks...which you did reluctantly since the money looked so cool.

    5. Listening to your read-along book tapes, and getting a little excited anytime they used music from the movies.

    6. Trying to collect as many PVC figures as you could — mainly 'cause they were the perfect size toy, so you could take them anywhere.


    7. Dancing along to the synthpop-filled Mickey Mouse Splashdance and Totally Minnie albums.

    8. Having a ton of "cool and hip" Mickey and Minnie merchandise.

    9. Getting bomb-ass movie tie-in Happy Meal toys that were as good as anything you could buy at Toys ‘R’ Us.

    10. Also, collecting all the different movie tie-in Christmas tree ornaments from McDonald's that your parents had to pay extra for.

    11. Getting cool updated promotional posters from whenever a film was re-released in theaters.


    12. Going to see Captain EO over and over for the ~cool~ 3D effects.

    13. Simply admiring the oh-so-pretty artwork on the Disney Picture Disc albums.

    14. The rush of excitement you got while watching the opening credits for the Disney Sunday Movie.

    ABC/ Disney

    15. Collecting Panini sticker books of your favorite movies.

    16. The thrill of checking out different Disney movies with your View-Master.

    17. The joy you got whenever a new Disney Book Club book arrived in the mail.


    18. Waking up early on Saturdays just to catch Gummi Bears.


    19. And finally, the sense of exhilaration you felt as soon as you heard the opening theme song to DuckTales.

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