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    29 Unforgettable Things All Late-'90s Teens Did In The Summer

    TV was our Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and Facebook all in one!!!

    1. Lying to your parents that you were wearing sunblock when you laid out:

    2. Going to the tanning salon behind your parents back to get extra tan (or your ~base~ tan):

    Donald Miralle / Getty Images

    3. Wearing your board shorts all the time — even if you weren't going swimming at all that day:

    4. Accessorizing your look with a hemp necklace, that would get all gross and dirty by the end of the summer:

    5. Binge-watching huge marathons of The Real World and Road Rules on MTV...


    6. ...and also watching all the weird and random AF shows that aired during MTV's Summer Beach House:


    7. Rocking Adidas sandals everywhere:

    8. Pretending to be someone else and going into random chat rooms to just lurk and pass the time:

    9. Trashing your old JanSport with sand, wet towels, and swimsuits 'cause you knew you were getting a new in a couple of months:

    10. Or having one of these as your go-to pool/beach/lake/pond bag:

    11. Making sure you watched The Gossip Show on E! to get the latest scoop on all the celeb gossip:


    12. As well as tuning into to E! to catch old episodes of Melrose Place:

    CBS Television

    13. Getting addicted to soap operas 'cause they ALWAYS had the craziest plot lines in the summer:


    14. As well making sure to catch The Rosie O'Donnell Show:

    Warner Bros. Television

    15. Wearing chunky sliver thumb rings and toe rings (that left big tan lines):

    16. Having to pick up your local alt-weekly in order to figure out what you and your friends would be doing that weekend:

    17. Having epic N64 competitons with your friends or siblings:

    18. Waiting all summer for one of your friends' parents to go out of town so you could throw a raging house party:

    Buena Vista Pictures

    19. Attempting to use Sun-In on your hair, even though you knew it would turn your hair a dark orange color:

    20. Going to the movies early with your friends so that you could theater hop:

    Denis Charlet / AFP / Getty Images

    21. Either sponge painting...

    22. ...or painting your room a weird color (like honeydew melon) 'cause you were just bored:

    23. And cutting up your old magazines to make collages with (again, out of boredom):

    Rolling Stone, Seventeen

    24. Spending an afternoon taking photos and selfies of you and your friends with your disposable camera, and then quickly taking it to the one-hour photo place to get them developed:

    25. Hanging out at the mall ALL DAY and not buying a single thing (mainly 'cause you were bored and they had the best AC):

    Robyn Beck / AFP / Getty Images

    26. Going to Tower Records to listen to new albums and read magazines:

    Darren Mccollester / Getty Images

    27. Sipping on these delicious beverages on hot days:

    28. Begging your parents to lend you their Blockbuster card so that you could rent movies for you and your friends:

    MrClassicAds1990s /

    29. And finally, having private phone conversations with your friends like this:

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