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18 Kids Toys That Are Hilariously Inappropriate

Apparently every kids toy looks like a penis.

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1. More than we ever needed to know about Barbie:

2. This has to be a repurposed blow-up doll, right?

3. What in Human Centipede hell is going on here?

4. So you are supposed to literally blow Wolverine:

5. This Muppet-themed Hot Wheel looks suspiciously like something The Ambiguously Gay Duo would drive:

6. Wow, Spider-Man can really shoot his goo:

8. That's right, just touch him down there:

9. This bubble container is ribbed for the bubble wand's pleasure:

10. Yikes, Elmo is into some really rough stuff:

11. Whoa. Just plain traumatizing:


12. Kids really are learning about nature with these toys:

Especially about interspecies mating.

13. Looks like Disney is really expanding its product lines:

14. Tigger seems a little more excited than usual:


15. And, Buzz Lightyear looks both excited and indifferent:

16. Even the grin on its face is so wrong:

18. Well, I guess we know why SpongeBob has that smile on his face:

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