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    Then Vs. Now: Downtown Los Angeles 1952

    L.A. has undergone some major changes in just 60 years. RIP Every building in these photos.

    Then: The corner of 3rd & Grand on Bunker Hill

    Now: Location of the Wells Fargo Center complex

    Then: Broadway between 2nd & 1 St.

    Today: Home to an empty lot

    Then: The 2nd St. Tunnel from 2nd & Hill St.

    Today: Tunnel is still there

    Then: 100 block of South Main St.

    Today: LAPD Police Administration Building

    Then: 200 block of South Main St.

    Today: Parking lot

    Then: Looking up Main St. from 2nd St. toward City Hall

    Today: Main and 2nd St.

    Then: Old Victorian houses on Wilshire

    Today: Wedbush Morgan Securities Building